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From 1971 (I think). Kids (including Betty Lou) cooperate and make a flower grow. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSesame Street: Murray Goes to Gardening SchoolSesame Street: Mrs. Obama Plants GardenSesame Street A Twiddlebug Tool Adventure With Ernie Garden Game For KidsSchool Gardens Growing Communities Northey Street City FarmSet of 2 34″ Vertical Growing Flower Tower Planters with Carolyn GracieSesame Workshop Logo (red house, blue roof variant)

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  • patty mull 1 year ago

    RIP Headphone Users

  • Shades Below 1 year ago

    I always liked the simple and cheesy backgrounds that these segments used to have, like this…now they have to be computer-generated and realistic.

  • Cory S. 1 year ago


  • andrew plotnick 1 year ago

    You are entirely welcome!

  • Cory S. 1 year ago


  • Cory S. 1 year ago


  • andrew plotnick 1 year ago

    Yes they surely do!

  • andrew plotnick 1 year ago

    Happy Springtime to you too!

  • Cory S. 1 year ago


  • Cory S. 1 year ago


  • andrew plotnick 1 year ago


    That sounds like a logical guess to me!

  • gentlegirl88 1 year ago

    I girl walking around on somebody else's land with a shovel for no reason. >>> Strange.

  • mineurmind 1 year ago

    Totally awesome!

  • muppetlover16 1 year ago

    @coyote374 Maybe he's Big Jeffy's son and Mr. Johnson's nephew

  • Clarkie and Stephen 1 year ago

    awwww, I forgotten about this skit…I haven't see this in nice it is for kids to don't see alot of that nowadays..such a shame…
    Thanks for the great memories 😀

  • Garrettk41 1 year ago

    So am I to take it that Jerry Nelson plays two of the kids here- the ones on the two ends? That's pretty impressive work.

  • Garrettk41 1 year ago

    So there's no shovel on that farm at all? I question that kid's dad's credibility as a farmer.

  • antsamthompson9 1 year ago

    Very nice little sketch.

  • wattamack4 1 year ago

    You're welcome.