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Help Timmy make it across the garden using various tools through the terrain. Video Rating: / 5 By Julie Martens Raise a crop of lifelong gardeners by getting kids outside and in the dirt with one of these fun garden games. You’ll find your backyard is full of surprises, wonder, and endless moments of play. As Big as Me The object of the game is to find something in the garden as big as a body part. Snap peas match well with fingers, squash and eggplant team up with feet, and collard leaves can stretch to arm or leg lengths. Tomatoes and peppers can be as big as a nose, an elbow, or a hand. If you’re growing corn, kids might even be able to find stalks as tall as they are! Garden Scavenger Hunt This is a great way to discover what goes on in the life of the garden. Use one of these sample lists of fun-to-find items, or create your own. If some children are non-readers, use picture-based lists or pair them with someone who can read. • Critter Hunt. Find a critter that: makes a buzzing sound, slithers, crawls, hides, stings, flies, is friendly, flutters, stinks, inches along, eats other bugs, hovers. (Remind children that they should just spot, not catch, each critter.) • Nature Hunt. Find: pinecone, fuzzy leaf, curly tendril, yellow flower, smooth rock, smelly leaf, feather, stick as long as your foot. • Harvest Hunt. Fill your harvest basket with: 1 squash, 2 tomatoes, 3 beans, 4 strawberries, 5 different herb stems. Give kids a set amount of time to mark off their lists, or declare that the first child or team who finds a certain number of items wins Cherry Tomato Checkers Plant at least two different colors of cherry tomatoes, such […]

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