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The Sensi Dispensary is a complete and fully automated grow tent kit that comes with everything you need to grow a massive harvest. Built strong and designed for growers who want the best, this grow tent kit comes with nothing but high quality components designed to work in harmony. Each customer will receive a No-Hassle 3 Year Warranty and Lifetime Grow Support via Telephone and Email. Related PostsComplete Grow Tent w/ LED, Hydroponics, Ventilation under $500?!Growing Tent Complete Kit For Indoor Gardening & Hydroponics: TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete KitIndoor gardening for beginners / Easy DIY Hydroponics / Easy hydroponic grow tentComplete 4×8 Grow Tent Setup For Growing Cannabis! – Indoor GardenComplete Hydro Grow Tent Kit System – Week 3 Grow Journal | Harvest by week 12Growing Plants Indoors in the Philippines: Hydroponics, Spacebuckets, Grow Tent and Grow Lights

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