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A 7,000 km barrier is being built along the footsteps of the Sahara to stop the desert expanding. The Great Green Wall project started in 2007 in Senegal, along with 10 countries in Africa to combat the effects of climate change. Al Jazeera’s Nicolas Haque reports from Widou, deep in the Sahel. – Subscribe to our channel: – Follow us on Twitter: – Find us on Facebook: – Check our website: Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts#DesertSeries: Senegal’s Great Green WallThe Great Green Wall of Africa: Will it help fight climate change? BBC Newsnightearthrise – The Great Green WallExpanding Africa’s Great Green WallWhy is Africa building a Great Green Wall? BBC NewsHalting a desert with the ‘Great Green Wall’

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  • Nguroa 1 year ago

    Good luck Senegal.

  • Yunus - Jonah 1 year ago

    The Last Prophet of God said that if you plant a tree.. on The Day of Judgement God will reward you for every animal, insect and person that ate from that tree you planted on earth.

    Elhamdulillah – Praise be to God

  • Jeffrey Dyrek 1 year ago

    Thank you very much for placing this video. It's such a relief to see that people actually identify a problem and that they are doing something to help stop these problems with our ecology. I'm writing this because I have looked at many deserts around the globe and could find trees standing in places that we would normally seem impossible. In Furnace Creek Death Valley California, there are trees growing there. This is one of the hottest, driest places on earth. When I spoke to the rangers while on the phone, they said that they do not irrigate these trees.

    All across Northern Africa, in Tunisia and Libya, there are huge forest planted which will make that area very plush in the next twenty years. Looking at the trees planted in Esquel, Argentina, was my first exposure to trees doing well where they naturally wouldn't exist. Since then it's amazing how well they grow. Places with no trees like the Aleutian Islands really can grow trees if someone planted them there. I can see this in Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands, another barren set of islands, yet in Port Stanley people have planted trees and they have grown up big and strong.

    If all the militaries in the world started planting trees, instead of mines, we would have a much nicer and more peaceful world. All we have to do is to teach our children the right way, and our future will be just fine. Thanks again. C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster, Polar Explorer, Disabled Vet.

  • Max Baca 1 year ago

    so man can erase the desert from the earth and replace it all with an air purifying Forrest ?