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John from takes you on a field trip to the 2017 National Hardware Show into the Lawn & Garden Pavillion to share with you the best new products that will allow you to grow more food at home. In this episode, special guest, Jake Mace, the Vegan Athlete will join John at this year’s show! In this episode John will share with the following products that he feels are valuable to people who want to grow food at home: 03:10 Tree Diaper – an olla style device for your trees that can catch and hold up to 30 gallons of rainwater and release the water when the soil is dry without any complicated irrigation system or timers. Also had similar solutions for potted plants and raised beds. 09:56 Soil Savvy – Best soil test kit that tests actual nutrients available in the soil your plants can absorb. Unlike other soil test kits which basically see what’s in the soil. This soil test kit simulates the roots of your plants and will actually absorb the nutrients your plant would. This offers you better guidance as to what you can do to improve your soil and your vegetable gardening. 16:33 Vegepod – A Self-Watering Raised Bed Garden kit that waters your plants so you don’t have to. It also keeps out pests from eating your organically grown vegetables. It is self-contained so it can be moved if you are renting your home. It can be elevated so you can garden without bending down or from a wheelchair. It is easy to assemble food grade polypropylene with UV stabilizers. Home 22:59 Summary with Jake Mace and Final Thoughts After watching this episode you will learn about these products as well as learn a thing or two about gardening along the […]

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  • Wei Zhang 8 months ago

    Great Job, John! it is amazing all these great stuff out there!

  • wi54725 8 months ago

    John, for the first time ever, I found a product before you, unless you have known about the Soil Savvy test kit for awhile. I was shocked to find out when I received my results back in November of 2016 that "No N-P-K Needed" was printed after the fertilizer recommendation arrow. That is 100% owed to following your soil mix ideas. I only wish my own nutritional test results looked as good as my soil test results. The only nutrients that were out of whack on my test were phosphorous and boron, and that is because they were above the target area. All others were in the target area, although my pH was just barely there. I use a lot of oak leaves in my compost, so I will add a tad more wood ash to raise the pH a tad.

  • mandy 8 months ago

    Does anyone know if it's okay to plant fruit trees in the summer in Las Vegas? Most articles I read say no, but 2 landscape companies and the nursery say yes. I'm thinking they're a little biased since they might just want my sale asap heh.

  • Jason Campbell 8 months ago

    He is selling out. The tree diaper is stupid.

  • Sue G 8 months ago

    Move to Arizona!

  • A'Bama Gardener 8 months ago

    You want Land Come on to LA we call it Lower Alabama. Zone 8-9 on the cusp of tropicals. But I need you here to get an Organic movement going. They say its hard because of all the pests but so far I'm doing ok it's the timing between the bug seasons. Following your suggestions with rock dust, back to eden and permaculture to mask the plants from the pest. This year found out growing kohlrabi with swiss chard the bugs leave the chard alone. Please check us out.. Any other Organic gardeners in Alabama? Please respond love to here from you

  • elliot samuel 8 months ago

    have had a vegepod on my balcony for a couple years.
    local aussies represent!

  • awakenu1 8 months ago


  • Steve Smekar 8 months ago

    400k subscribers, way to go, John, and many more interesting and valuable videos to come.

  • Save4 fi 8 months ago

    Donkey troll @ 16:58 and 17:06.

  • Jordon Rains 8 months ago

    How come nobody talks about atmospheric water machines.?.. There's enough water in the atmosphere to supply every person's need on this earth… FOREVER! Water scarcity is a SCAM.

  • pesto12601 8 months ago

    3×7 ft vegpod for $300!?!?! Only the rich and yuppie need apply.. thx John!

  • Ron Sellew 8 months ago

    John, what did you think about the composter from Good Ideas?

  • Tumba 8 months ago

    those biceps

  • Wolfstang Dragonstead 8 months ago

    What if we to start our own trade show? One that singles out companies that foster true organics. One that showcases products that are friendly to the environment, and have our gardens, and bodies in mind.

  • Forging Freedom Channel 8 months ago

    Love the Soil Savvy product! Thanks for showing it to us. We love your stuff over here at the Forging Freedom Channel

  • heygeno1951 8 months ago

    I did the actual dirty diaper (pee only) 20 years ago….. buried around the plants OR placed diaper in the bottom of pots

  • The Weed Reader 8 months ago

    if the polymers absorb the nutrients in the soil test, wouldn't they do the same on the tree diapers?