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Materials List and Costs: 3 x 55 gallon plastic Drums (-): – 1 x 50 gallon plastic tub from Walmart (.00): .00 3 x 3/4 PVC Pipe (): 9 x 3/4 90 deg angle (.50): .50 10 x 3/4-3/4-3/4 T (.65): .50 1 x tube of caulk: .50 1 x 1/2-3/4 thread hose adapter (.50): .50 1 x 3/4 thread to 3/4 PVC adapter (.65): .65 1 x 3ft of 1/2″ inner diameter clear hose (.00/ft): .00 1 x ECO185 Submersible pump with 1/2″ hose adapter: on 1 x Deep Cycle Marine Battery: 1 x 200 watt inverter: – 1 x 68watt solar panel: 0 (now you can find 70 watt panels for less) 1 x Jack’s water soluble plant food: 3 x 2×6’s: (mine were left over from a project) 1 cubic yard of river gravel: My total Cost of Garden, including solar equipment: 8.65 Total Cost of Garden Build only: 8.85 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSelf Sustaining, Economic Hydroponic Garden BuildHydrokultur Garten mit PVC-Rohr Medien | Hydroponic Gardening with pvc Pipe MediaBackyard aeroponics: self-sustaining farm for Wisconsin coldEconomic Gardening Marketing VideoBackyard aeroponics: self-sustaining farm for Wisconsin coldHow to Clone any plant for hydroponic or regular gardening

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  • jamesjoaqs 1 year ago

    sir was that all rocks/pebbles or did you put soil on it? tnx

  • overdbus 1 year ago

    a 12 volt pump would be less voltage loss across the system as a whole.

  • Jean Olsen 1 year ago

    Very cool. We all should be investigating how to grow our own!

  • Zhe Zhang 1 year ago

    something is not right

  • Nathan Thomas 1 year ago

    This system will not work. U need a pump and drain system or a bell siphon. The roots need oxygen or will root. Are your rocks even PH friendly.

  • MrChuckell 1 year ago

    very good ,thanks ,very useful info to me

  • Michael Jearey 1 year ago

    not Self-Sustaining

  • Taylor Burke (Rolyataylor2) 1 year ago

    Should do the opposite and run the pump during the day with the solar and at night do the ac because electricity is cheaper at night.

  • Lee F 1 year ago

    Dude, you don't need dirt or gravel  Namvet Anke is right. Also no need to even cycle water. Just keep sunlight from the water. Or it will make algae. And keep rain water entering to a minimum. The secret is your fertilizer in the water mixture.

  • Pure Energy Pro 1 year ago

    thanks for the very detailed shopping list, awesome, would this work in north when freezing cold or unheated shelter?

  • Christopher Bojorquez 1 year ago

    Nice video dude also you should have washed the rocks in the 5 gallon bucket would have been easier dude straight up!

  • Hensly Yung 1 year ago

    Great Setup. Should have washed the gravel in one bucket first wasted too much water.

  • Shampackin 1 year ago

    Awesome setup man, I'm actually trying to get funding to build something similar. If anyone is feeling generous, donations are very highly appreciated 🙂

  • WATER DOG 1 year ago

    You can also add nile perch or other hardy fish to the water retention barrel's so u can have natural fertlizer and do away with the chemical's. plus when the fish get bigger you can eat them also. win win. just a thought

  • Gary West 1 year ago

    have your food tested for Plastic content after it has been grown as you WILL have plastic that will be leached out and into your food, Good Luck, you going to need it.

  • MrTeenwolf82 1 year ago

    Looks good

  • ComocosonoEWL 1 year ago

    should have just made a window sized frame put metal mesh and screen on it and dumped the gravel on it and rinsed it off. bam done

  • Jeff B 1 year ago

    DUUUUUUDE you neeed oxygen in your root zone or all that work will be for nothing. your method of free falling for oxygen wont work because of all the rocks forcing the oxygen to pop on the surface. its a great concept, im sure you will find a way to get air stones in it… maybe empty the whole thing of the rocks and cover the drums with plywood cut out holes for net pots, cover in panda poly, put rocks and plants in the net pots. This way you can add air stones on the bottom of the system full of water and will be happy. id use 4-6 air stones per half drum. this way all your plants will see a bit of that oxygen. its not about too much air (no such thing) but about getting oxygen to every plant site without worry of lacking. ALSO keep the water level at the bottom of the net pot. top feed them until you see roots reaching the water and vuallah you have a dope ass hydro grow.. Great job bro I might bite next year. Kudos

  • tuforu4 1 year ago

    i forward these vidoes to kenya,.