Because the change of nutrient strength of our systems can be modelled as a linear system with respect to nutrient delivery it should be possible to implement a very simple self tuning control system based on the system model. Why a Self Learning system:

-System only needs to be roughly defined

-Adapt for pump wear

-Adapt for a change in nutrient source strength

-Plug and Play for a wide variate of Systems

-No problem dealing with the Lag between delivery and stable reading

For More Information see:

Source Code:

Self Optimising Automated Arduino based Nutrient Doser Hydroponics

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  • sounder83

    Very good. What sort of nutrients do we put into the system? Would a store bought one work? I have a feeling though, that you're not using those… How are you getting nutrients to the plants? It looked like it dispensed a lot from the nutrient tank.

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