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The Winter garden series continues. How to grow Sweetpeas. How to grow Geraniums (Pelagoniums). How to grow Spring Onions. How to grow Liquorice mint. How to grow Chilli Peppers. Seeds to sow in Winter. Winter seed sowing. Seeds to sow in November. UK gardening. Gardening in a cold climate. Winter gardening jobs. Home gardening. Allotment gardening. How to grow your own food. Growing your own food. Backyard gardening. Gardening in cold weather. Gardening in a small space. Growing your own food in Winter. How to grow your own food in Winter. How to grow food on a windowsill. Gardening education. How to grow your own food in a small garden. Small space gardening. Growing your own garden. UK gardening. Gardening in the UK. I hope people enjoy the video. Video Rating: / 5 I talk a bit about Seasonal Affective Disorder. (SAD). SAD. ORG. SAD NHS. Gardening Despondency Syndrome. six percent of UK population are believed to suffer from SAD. Seasonal gardening. Food growing. Gardening education. Two-eight percent in higher latitude countries are believed to suffer from SAD and five percent in the US. Gardening in difficult circumstances. Gardening in bad weather. Gardening in Autumn. Gardening in WInter. Gardening in Fall. Gardening in cold climates.Gardening in non ideasl conditions. Gardening in cold weather. I hope people enjoy the video. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesGrowing Greens Indoors During Winter, including Sprouting SeedsVegetable Seeds to sow in AprilVegetable seeds to sow in November.Vegetable seeds to sow in November.Medjool dates and Clementine seeds in the UK.


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  • Dwight Mann 6 months ago

    Good afternoon Dan

  • zepher zepher 6 months ago

    An idea is to grow recipes you enjoy! Like grow kidney beans and peppers and tomatoes etc for your chili recipe. You could post videos on recipes for your garden to get the best use of everything! Blessings!! Plant lots of marigolds to keep flies away! Thanks for sharing your videos!

  • BlueMoon 6 months ago

    Nice bit of flower power going on there Dan! ☺ I can't help thinking you'd have enjoyed the hippy scene of the 70s… the hair, certain clothes you wear, and most of all the whole being at one with nature vibe that you have going on. That laid back vibe is one of the reasons your vids are so enjoyable. Such a nice antidote to modern life, where many people are so wrapped up in their smartphones they hardly interact with the real world at all, and are totally oblivious to the wonders of nature. Their loss. Keep up the good work Dan.

  • Nicholas Sans Pasty 6 months ago

    I grew the Korean liquorice mint this year and it grew very well and flowered in its first year. We'll see if it makes it through the winter but if not I have more seed.

  • The Tin Can Gardener 6 months ago

    Awesome video, here in south florida I have to grow certain plants inside only due to some serious pest like pickle worm

  • sonicworm 6 months ago

    covered my allotment for the winter now and putting my energy into my winter hobbie of sim racing

  • Sharon Fernandez 6 months ago

    Hello Dan! I really enjoy listening to your wisdom. You're a balm for the battered soul. I'm wearing a smile after your chat. Thank you so much.

  • zepher zepher 6 months ago

    This was my first year gardening, I planted stuff to late, I have spent the past two weeks potting everything I can up and bringing it inside!!! It's a massive muddy mess in Ohio! Freezing every night but I'm half done! I figure if I bring it inside, it's a much better chance than freezing!! I can't do much worse lol! Carrots, broccoli, cabbage, celery, onion, flowers…. Lol this is also the best time to connect with our creator and heavenly FATHER by reading your bible and prayer! Man that has changed my life!!!!! We drop seed in dirt, but only GOD can bless, quicken and multiply it!!! Praise Jesus and thank you and bless you for your videos and caring about us too!!! Much love , chromedaffodils

  • anabella sousa 6 months ago

    I feel much happier when am out there gardening. Not keen on the dark early evenings. Roll on spring time! Going through the grieving of the loss of my young son recently so yes gardening is my life. Take care.

  • Shavenhamster 6 months ago

    I suffer with this I'm also a night worker which also doesn't help it really starts to kick in December for me I tend to want to just hibernate and sleep as long as I can. 2010 was an awful year and I didn't garden back then but have always needed bright decent summers to energise myself and enjoy the outdoors, also all my grandparents died that year and I moved out the family home.

  • Vitality Massage 6 months ago

    Enjoyed this Dan!

  • Vox in Tenebris 6 months ago

    Gardening is my main interest, although I am also passionate about space/ physics and skiing. I am fortunate that one interest replaces the other throughout the year. I have already bought and received my seeds for next year but am waiting for the weather to break in order to take out the pear trees and plant out the front garden, having just cleared the hardy annuals. I also spend a lot of time preparing food and cooking – have just prepared in excess of 100 limes. ( I have 30kg of Oranges coming next) Someone recommended limequats to me the other day, I may buy 2 of those trees as they are smaller and could stay indoors for the winter – there is always something to tempt us gardeners! Dan, you look really cosy there with that lovely fire, can't beat that with a nice cup of coffee! Take care, Vox.

  • BlueMoon 6 months ago

    Thanks for covering this subject. I think many people are feeling a bit glum at the moment, and the endless political nonsense and weeks of rain haven't helped. I plan to get a light box to help my SAD, and might also use it to help bring on seedlings. I'm also thinking of taking up knitting again, it's something I used to enjoy, years ago. Time for an indoor hobby to keep me usefully occupied.

  • Vitality Massage 6 months ago

    I just enjoyed a Trane air conditioner ad and a mental health ad as well. Thank God I watched this video.

  • G.Y.O 6 months ago

    I suffer with SAD for sure, and miss being able to garden during the bad weather in the winter. I am trying to grow some things during the winter, asian greens, winter lettuces, anything I can. I remember that "summer" of 2011 being a total wash out. I don't like winter months It's horrible, I cant wait for the spring already! lol.

  • The Tin Can Gardener 6 months ago

    An indoor garden usually kept this at bay when I lived in Colorado

  • Dwight Mann 6 months ago

    Hello Dan