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BlackBerry autoflowering genetics by Fastbuds under a 562-1000W HPS over 10 weeks. Final Harvest was 9.5 ounces (266 grams). For the strain review and more content like this follow my links below! [This video is reposted in accordance with YouTube guidelines.] 「 STRAIN REVIEW 」 SEE/SMELL/SMOKE | 9.5/10 Visually, Blackberry Autoflower has been my absolute favorite strain to grow and show off due to its unparalleled aesthetics. Its black color starts in the calyxes as a bloodred. It continues to get darker and turns purple before ultimately gaining its black appearance due to high levels of Anthocyanin in the genetics. With extremely sticky buds this plant puts off an aroma that is hard to hide once released. It smells extremely sweet and continues to grow sweater the longer its cured for, just like the taste. Despite its sticky appearance and strong aromas the smoke from this strain is noticeably smooth and very good for those with weaker lungs or those who smoke more often. HIGH | 8/10 This strain has impact almost immediately when inhaled and doesn’t stop setting in for a while. Even though its an indica dominant these genetics hold true to being a hybrid as it gives you the relaxed body sensation, but also offers the noticeable mental stimulation needed to enjoy yourself. Getting up to 23% THC this strain is not messing around and the results are a very good allover high. ______________________________ 「 GROW REVIEW 」 BUDS/YIELD | 6.5/10 The final yield for this grow was 9.5 ounces (266 grams). This was below the expected amount, however given the fast growth schedule this strain has its not the end of the world. The bud structure of this grow could be better and seem crippled by the plants sensitivity to nutrients, which is unfortunate given the […]

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  • Casper 8 months ago

    Hey bro at what age did you transfer the girls to the dwc? What nutrients did you use to feed her?

  • wow very nice 🙂 <3

  • Suat ozdmr 8 months ago

    please send seeds

  • AMVgrow A Marijuana Vision 8 months ago

    Lol 1 plant getting all nuts and the other 3 had to do w/ the left over, its huge tho… But those poor things

  • It's a Crazy Life 8 months ago

    High Tv is ok with me !!

  • Michael Dropik 8 months ago

    Mega…. Werry nice…

  • 7X HARDER 8 months ago

    Supposedly I see alot of other YouTubers adding mycorrhizae to the roots as soon as the first transplant, but that's usually in soil grows. I never thought you could utilize this in a hydroponic setup, learning new things everyday 😀

  • Darryl Stevens 8 months ago

    Love the USA for so many reasons but I'm a Canadian living in a country that has legalized Cannabis for recreational use. Many states are on board already. I hope the Fed will legalize nationally in the near future.

  • Darryl Stevens 8 months ago

    Ridiculous buds…wicked

  • timothy vanginkel 8 months ago

    oops my bad nice

  • timothy vanginkel 8 months ago

    i liked the video but why did the date change from 9/11 to 10/11 ?

  • Ward Benn 8 months ago

    what kind of camera are you using?

  • Angelica Paz Torres 8 months ago

    That perfectly rolled up joint in the beginning had my mouth drewling

  • bongwater jesus 2: electric bugaloo 8 months ago

    jesus that thing is a monster. impressive

  • Tyler Jolly 8 months ago

    Some seeds can grow really big only if their plants is left alone for long period of time

  • Marc Ferretti 8 months ago we got the best prices you have ever seen

  • Luke Lawrance 8 months ago

    You got the rot because you grew the plant next to a corner in your garden. No free flow of air. I love this system tho. Hydro outdoors really seems to be the most effective way.

  • CallMeJaye 8 months ago

    Question … i am trying to grow this strand and having a hard time. Based on your video it seems like they like a lot of sunlight and tons of water is this true ?

  • Sam Davies 8 months ago

    Lovely set up