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How to make gardening easy. Simple gardening tips. We summarize simple tips that we found to work well in our garden that doesn’t take a lot of cash to imple… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsOur secret to a successful Desert Garden {with little work}How Our Urban Greenhouse Saves Money and Reduces Energy Consumption | True GardenSchool Garden ( Lock Down work)Rooftop Organic Vegetable Garden – Awesome Urban Rooftop GardenUrban Rooftop Garden Summer Tour – West HollywoodAmazing Rooftop Garden of Vietnamese Housewife – Urban Rooftop Garden

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  • Shelita Williams 5 years ago

    awesome video and tips, thanks for the inspiration! ?

  • Angeli Alvares 5 years ago

    Before you plant let the chickens work on the bed….They will eat the
    grass and eliminate it entirely,. What grows after the chickens have done
    eating the grass shoots etc is really easy to remove. Chickens also remove
    bad bugs and leave droppings on the planting area which provide great

  • fujisaii 5 years ago

    The water filter seems the most expensive in this setup. Chlorine will
    evaporate when left standing. Flouride is harder to remove. Would a sand
    filter perhaps combined with active carbon reduce flouride enough??

  • KingAcosta28 5 years ago


  • William Wheeler 5 years ago

    Please take a look at the transcription. I tried to make sense of it and
    failed – utterly failed – to put it mildly.?

  • Andy Delu 5 years ago

    So jealous from those ideas, thnx for uploading GreenDesertTV!?

  • MowDirect 5 years ago

    Secrets to a successfull urban garden with little work.?

  • Tigranes95 5 years ago

    you should use mulch to stop transpiration of?

  • I love your videos! But I was wondering what song is playing in the
    background? Thank you :)?

  • kitsurubami 5 years ago

    ollas cost $26.50 say you get 10, how many years before they pay for
    themselves in water savings??

  • Gerri L Turner 5 years ago

    Where could I get Ollas??

  • Meiers Daniel 5 years ago

    #success full urban garden?

  • Intense Effects 5 years ago

    Sometimes, I poop on my neighbors garden, then brag that my garden doesn’t
    have poop on it?

  • heavymechanic2 5 years ago

    Six weeks ago, I dug up a spot in my lawn to plant a small garden. After
    removing the grass and adding some organic material (leftover potting soil)
    and a few amendments, this garden is growing like crazy. By eliminating the
    grass, the plants are doing extremely well as compared to a previous
    attempt with similar plants.

    I put down hardwood mulch to conserve soil moisture, a spider mite
    infestation became a problem in just a few days. A different kind of mulch
    is desirable.

    Soil amendment regimen:
    Worm castings, fish bonemeal, gypsum, molasses, fish fertilizer (5-1-1),
    liquid kelp (sulfate of potash 0-0-8), worm tea.

    My soil is a very hard clay much like Arizona, it presents a challenge to
    grow anything productive.?

  • Nicholas Pinn 5 years ago

    Secrets to a successfull urban garden with little work?

  • Hemasiri Ratnayake 5 years ago

    Very helpful advice. How do you control insects??

  • nancy miller 5 years ago

    Hello I just wanted to say first of all great video! lots of great ideas!
    and also your are right about the bees and other pollinators. I noticed
    this year especially. I live in PA and our property is surrounded by woods
    and wildflowers and I’ve hardly seen any bees this year. we grow a large
    garden every year and it’s doing ok this year but there’s hardly any
    bees…of any kind not just the honeybee.?

  • Coco Chanelleke 5 years ago

    Great video; the rythmic stomping noise spoils listening, though.?

  • Gardening With Puppies 5 years ago

    Good info, thanks for sharing.?

  • Intense Effects 5 years ago

    Sometimes I go into my garden, cover myself in earth, and pretend I am a

  • Nicholas Pinn 5 years ago

    Secrets to a successfull urban garden with little work.


  • Gerald Wilkerson 5 years ago

    Very cool, but looks like a “lot of work” versus a “little work”?

  • Lloydsof Rochester 5 years ago

    Actually, if you review your meteorology, you will see it’s the dissolved
    NITROGEN from the air that makes plants grow better (that’s the short
    explanation). The atmosphere is at least 70% nitrogen.?

  • M LEET 5 years ago

    Chlorine is a gas. Water left standing for a few hours will allow the
    chlorine to leave all on its own.?

  • Intense Effects 5 years ago

    I poop on my garden so I don’t have to pay for fertilizer. My garden is not
    doing so well :(.?