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AYOOOO LOGANG, let’s get this vid to 125,000 likes! Today I hired the secret service to arrest my brother for sleeping in the White House. SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VLOGS! ► Watch Yesterday’s Vlog ► Jake’s White House Video: Jake’s Instagram: MY INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: I’m a 21 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life. Related PostsLearn Colors with Surprise Eggs Prank 3D for Kids Toddlers Color Balls Smiley Face [DuckDuckKidsTV]Learn English Through Stories The Secret GardenWelcome to the Secret Garden – Arizona’s Premiere Wedding & Event VenueMinecraft – Little Kelly Adventures : GOING TO THE SECRET GARDEN!Korea tests smart farm service to increase efficiency and save energyFLYING ON THE ROOF!! + SECRET NEW SON ENDING!! | Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 (Glitches + Secrets)

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  • Ted Cruz 8 months ago

    Logan should have bought bb guns

  • Ted Cruz 8 months ago

    Maybe the tall creepy guy was ISIS!?!?

  • JayJay R 8 months ago

    this is the most funny thing i have ever heard

  • hey guys check out this original piece of music I composed!!!!!!

  • SoJulia 8 months ago

    when Logan said, hey! cuz they got you too?? I laughed sooooo hard

  • Valentina Rodriguez 8 months ago

    turned on your notification love your channel and jake paul

  • Eliud -2001 8 months ago

    jake paul looks like the bad guy from the incredibles

  • Rhys Chaplain 8 months ago

    Doneeee put your notifications are on:)

  • Crazybro 2.o 8 months ago


  • Delany Nunez 8 months ago

    wow best prank ever i had never seen this awesome so funny at the end jakes face so funny and scared

  • Christopher Hughart 8 months ago

    You need more of these lol…. can you make him cry?

  • Evan Voisey (STUDENT) 8 months ago

    If I was jake I would push them and run lol

  • Puppy PopCorn 8 months ago

    why u not on team 10 ???

  • Kylie's Corner 8 months ago

    "Yeah bro they got you too "

  • momand ant 8 months ago

    okay, just seeing this prank. was awesome. gotta say though, the scary dude that left. Why was he nodding when Logan asked everyone if they knew why they were there. Every other dude said no, the creepy dude nodded like he knew what was going down. so creepy. also, when Logan was on the balcony talking about them, all of the other dudes were fixated on Jake's prank on the LT, but the creepy dude kept looking at Logan. ahhhhhhhhhhhh. then when Logan said he left, I thought that maybe Jake had hired him to go find out why Logan hired some dudes and when he found out, he left to tell Jake. IDK, too creepy though. He looked real familiar, but I can't place him

  • reese depasupil 8 months ago

    i love this guys prank wars

  • Marife Monterde 8 months ago

    Hey i got a joke

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