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  • angel marte 3 months ago

    you might want to see this one

  • Cre8tv Productions 3 months ago

    Audio not synced correctly….kind of annoying.otherwise great documentary.

  • Thomas Bingel 3 months ago

    Video has some sound issues, particularly during the last 10 minutes or so

  • John Chaney 3 months ago

    I Suggest people so affected by the sound track to take a step back, and question your need for visual stimulation..Knit, draw, PAINT, do something in addition to this presentation….Can't be that important to watch every frame to the extent that the sound sync f's you up…Use your brains…evolve man….do a couple things besides being entertained….exprience everything you can…unless your sleeping…or dead.

  • chad davis 3 months ago

    I'm high this is cool, was wondering if was me or the sound that was screwed up . Thankyou comments

  • Mary Ellen Ryall 3 months ago

    I enjoy learning how plants communicate. I have written about this in years past.

  • Mary Ellen Ryall 3 months ago

    Thank you for the documentary. I know plants think and have heard them call out to each other when the same tree species colony was threatened by clear-cutting. I went back the next day and saw what happened.

  • Pernille Bell 3 months ago

    wow. This information is amazing. im actually crying. i am in deep hourner of nature. i love everything about gaia❤

  • AliCat42 3 months ago

    HEY! If anyone is still interested in watching this documentary WITHOUT the sound out of sync check out: What Plants Talk About (Full Documentary), the user is Documfeed. It's the same documentary.

    Not trying to be rude or mean to this particular user, nothing personal. I just think it's a really neat doc people should watch and I can't make people watch it lol but I can help anyone who wants to watch it at least.

  • stuart940 3 months ago

    you can open a second tab play the same video and sync the picture of one with the sound of the other!

  • Kirk McLoren 3 months ago

    Be nice if the audio matched the video, it is waaaaaay off

  • Fortunatus Heidelmann 3 months ago

    I would recommend watching the video and listening to it before it is uploaded. Then you can see if the sound is syncron with the pictures. Too bad, it would certainly be an interesting contribution.

  • June ribaldi 3 months ago

    EXCELLENT Documentary

  • Ian Young 3 months ago

    audio audio audio out of sync sync sync

  • Old Parts 3 months ago

    male director of research and a pretty assistant….yea….university money from the government….a mason controlled money pit called evil….who cares about your observation….the creator of all things is everything and your observation is just that….you really don't know

  • Audio track completely off. Like watching an old Japanese monster movie dubbed in English – only worse.

  • L Galina 3 months ago

    Audio badly out of sync with video. 🙁

  • Leopard-King 3 months ago

    Good night, plants are the internet!

  • phoebe jablonski 3 months ago

    the lack of syncing sound to visual really are disturbing. to see NG publish this sucks