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  • Comanche club 3 months ago

    I came to this video with the mindset that overlaying was a hack way of reroofing, but I'm leaving with a very different attitude towards it.

    I'm still not thrilled with the idea, but I'm glad to know it is far more common and acceptable than I originally thought.

    My only reservations would be the cost of tearing off both layers when the second layer starts to fail. How many layers can you get away with before you say enough?

    And I also like to actually put my eyes on the bare decking to ensure I didnt miss something.

    Also putting a second layer on just doesnt 'feels' right. Like a job that was only half done ya know? I see it as a great low budget option is the situation allows.

  • DudeInWalmart 3 months ago

    My roof is only 4 or 5 years old and it's already leaking badly.

  • William Brewer 3 months ago

    More on adding a second layer of shingles over roof felt….

  • William Brewer 3 months ago

    I'm getting ready to do this and debated tear off too many times. I have a low pitch 4/12 so you can barely see it from across the street. No valleys, hips, dormers, chimneys, etc. Do you have proper roof/attic ventilation?? That will screw your roof no matter how good a job you do. Everybody's situation is different so use your head on the decision. He's doing a garage everybody. Weight issue: it is distributed over the area so dead load is not a concern. Rafters are designed to carry a dead load factor of 2 or more & wind load of more depending on the wind factors for your location; there's windward & leeward calculations using the highest. He cemented the first row I think so no need for started strip row (that's all they do is have a adhesive strip). Easy on the cement just a dab will do otherwise it could run or bleed through. Thanks Mike for super video; it's slow like me!!!

  • sweetiepienumber1 3 months ago

    Your lucky. I used to do roofing professionally before I became an inspector. Then chronic illness… I struggle big time just to do small repairs on my roof occasionally.

    Listen to the guy and read the darn 90 second directions. How many people don't read proper manufacturer information? Ninety percent don't read or understand the directions or care, it seems. That includes many going around calling themselves "roofers." The experienced and conscientious craftsman are rare. Watch them work, get reliable referrals, a written and specific legally binding contract and make sure that you can hold them to it. Not from out of town, etc. Sorry, I'm having inspector flashbacks. Be well.

  • service1956 3 months ago

    Good job for not doing a roof before. The only thing I would have done different, would be to cut shingles between the seal strip and tabs. Lay that starter strip with seal near the edge so the first row of shingles had a good seal to bond to.

  • John Osne 3 months ago

    I did the same sir it works for me

  • Mirian Pinheiro 3 months ago

    wow, very good job.

  • John Osne 3 months ago

    Hi bro I am thinking about doing this let me know how it works for you and some tips pls sir.

  • Kyle Lucas 3 months ago

    Thanks for posting this video. Did you replace the drip edge on the eaves and rake?

  • Blueglass Melech 3 months ago

    Thanks for your video. I liked very much that you didn't hesitate to do the roof at your age! My younger friends seem to think I am too old at 69; I maybe older than I was when I did at 40 but I still know how and will do it soon.

  • David Lingner 3 months ago

    Almost 70? You're a stud!

  • MultiDimensional Exploration 3 months ago

    Wow! Impressive. I'm about to tackle the same exact job and mine is also 1200 square ft. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and tips.

  • Mr. Silly 3 months ago

    so you take the cap off & replace it right?

  • fuqoff aye? 3 months ago

    Those bundles are heavy. I have to get psyched just moving them from the floor in home Depot on to the roll cart. What do you think of the technique of putting felt down over existing shingle as the first step. Some people do that have you thought s on this. You strong like bull 70. that,

  • Jovon Pemberton 3 months ago

    Nice work. I live in Detroit Michigan & some of the homes here are nice especially on the Westside of Detroit & on the Eastside as well. & re doing a roof is a big responsibility. I live in a house now where the roof is leaking in the Attic we have a bucket to catch the rain but we do dump it daily. In other words the roof on the house that I'm in now needs to be stripped off & re did. It's a 25 year old roof. My grandfather had it installed over an existing roof back in the late 80's or early 90's & I know that the cost of a new roof today will cost the home owner atleast 10,000 to 15,000$$$ if you live in a big house like I do.

  • Roofing Solutions by Eric Garcia 3 months ago

    You just showed me a new Trick , I like the board across the bed of the truck , that make it easier to reach the roof and load it !
    thanks for the trick !!!

  • Jonathan Hillman 3 months ago

    So what do you do when your new roof fails in half the time because the old shingles underneath continue to crumble and cause lumps under yours. Then you will have to pay extra for the double layer tear off and new shingles. Or is that too just be the cost of the next person who owns the home?

  • sal cortez 3 months ago

    Congratulations sir … you still have it …. some of us young guns are in our 40s and 50s and can’t move like you …. awesome work

  • Michael Ledford 3 months ago

    +Edward Vp please explain exactly why installing a lay over that's installed over a nice flat existing roof that's not plagued by nail pops is a bad idea ,I've held a Journeyman card in Roofing & Waterproofing over 30 years and can't see any reason why this man's roof is not the PERFECT example of how to install a lay over that will outlast the roof underneath ,a lay over turns a 2 ply shingle roof into a 4 ply roofing system .