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Showing the technique I used for the thick walled barrel. Related PostsHydroponic Grow Tower Part 2 of 3Grow Tower #2 Я СТАНОВЛЮСЬ СИЛЬНЕЕ 😂Pt.2/10 How to Build a Hydroponic Vertical Grow Tower System and 11lb Chocolate Bar to the Rescue: )How to grow tomatoes on a Tower GardenCan you grow tomatoes, peppers and other fruiting crops in a Tower Garden? | True GardenDIY HYDROPONIC TOWER / GROW TOWER

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  • Thomas Benson 4 years ago

    curious, Strawberry's won't over winter in many pole verticle grow set ups. wonder with the larger soil mass how they n other plants might deal with winter cold n freezes. I'm in southeast Pa.

  • Cédric Arn 4 years ago

    use blue food barrel WITHOUT bisphenol A

  • Julia Wolfe 4 years ago

    What kind of Barrel?  What source?  jmWolfe

  • Frugal Bizarre 4 years ago

    Much of what you spoke of was included in this guide. Awesome video .. Thank you for the information..

  • Dejanildo Júnior 4 years ago

    Very ingenious the way that you opened the hole.

  • Khan Productionz 4 years ago

    great idea

  • Reni S. 4 years ago

    As for the wooden piece you used to make the holes…where could I find those or something similar to do the trick? Forgive me, but I'm quite new to the DIY world so I'm not familiar with a lot of the fancy tools and names of certain odds and ends.

  • Reni S. 4 years ago

    I'm looking forward to making quite a few of my own and a few for friends! I like that you used a rounded edge to make the holes. Cleaner look. Where could I find something like that?

  • The Self Sufficient Life 4 years ago

    Thanks Ted. I didn't get to use this one this year but I did use my smaller one. Worked out very well for my leaf spinach and Rukola. Saved a lot of space. I got the idea for them by watching a video on a 5 gallon Strawberry container that worked very well for them. I thought if it worked well for that why not go bigger. I learned about the self watering containers after I had planted it. I did try a few regular containers and I'm definitely sold on the the method.

  • Ted Baxter 4 years ago

    I love the idea. I know I can get barrels like that for free at work.

    My recommendation would be to make it into a self watering container. There are videos of how to make self watering five gallon containers. Use their ideas and adapt it for your tower. I think I will make one for my strawberry plants.

  • The Self Sufficient Life 4 years ago

    Your welcome. Hope it helps. I did some small strawberry towers last year and they did well. I've seen others use containers such as this to great effect. Many people I know have told me they didn't have enough room for a garden or that they wish they had more. People growing as much of their own food as they can is the best way I can think of to solve the world food shortage problem.

  • The Self Sufficient Life 4 years ago

    Hi Roosevelt. Thanks and your welcome. I think I'm going to make 2 or 3 more. Just got my seeds delivered for next years garden and I'm going to need all the space I can manufacture. I'm thinking my leaf spinach will do well in it. The curved sides will give more room for the leaves to bush out. Thinking about planting my dwarf bush beans in the same space as nitrogen fixing companion plants. just a thought.

  • Rob Bob's Backyard Farming 4 years ago

    Thanks for that… Might come in handy soon…

  • MiWilderness 4 years ago

    Nice work ! Looks like a great way to maximize garden space. Thanks for sharing!

  • The Self Sufficient Life 4 years ago

    I did think of that but not sure yet. I doubt that I will in order to leave lots of room for root growth. I may put a worm tower in the middle such as Rhooie did. He posted a VR on my maximizing garden space part 1 if you would like to see it. I'm also considering a buried irrigation system deeper inside to encourage deeper root growth. The better the root system the better the plant and produce.

  • The Self Sufficient Life 4 years ago

    Thanks. Did you see my first one! Used a smaller barrel at end that might be perfect for your balcony size.

  • The Self Sufficient Life 4 years ago

    Thanks! Still got a few more hole to do so I'll give it a try.