Added by on 2016-10-31 This is my video which tells you why seaweed is of great benefit to your vegetable garden and how it can save you some money. The Ten Minute Gardener Mark John from takes you on a field trip to South Florida to share with you an urban homesteader that is growing edible crops on their standard residential tract home. In this episode, John will give you a tour of the property, including aquaponic system, fruit trees and other edible plants that are flourishing in South Florida. You will discover a special variety of Aloe that is best for Health and Healing. John will also talk about a special variety of moringa that tastes better and smells like heaven. Finally John will share with you how the aloe grows, how to harvest aloe leaves, and how you can easily pull the pups for transplanting. You will also learn how to divide the mother plant to grow even more aloe vera. After watching this episode, you will learn some of the crops that grow well in South Florida and about dividing Aloe Vera. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodChandigarh, Pinjor Garden Educational TourLawn to no dig vegetable garden | VLOGMAS #9Grow Medicinal and Edible Herbs in Your GardenGarden Design with John BrookesOne Arizona Garden | Garden Tour 6.7.2017

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  • Craig Sanderson 1 year ago

    Great video thanks. Can I ask, I was thinking about mixing seaweed and horse manure into my allotment beds. The plot has not been used for 2+ years and the soil needs improving. This is my first time with an allotment, would mixing the manure (well rotted) and seaweed into my beds be too much or a good combination. Thank you.

  • Destruction 1 year ago

    Love your videos! Hope your 53rd was nice.

    "Dead pole cat" cracked me up.

  • innershifttv 1 year ago

    Just found your videos today. You are a ham sometimes! Love your work!

  • AmeriJam Acres 1 year ago

    What I really need to know is how to make the best seaweed compost. Would it be a good idea to mix seaweed horse or cow manure and other materials in a compost or is there a better way? I've got access to large amounts of seaweed but there is very little information on how to make compost with it. Is it a green or brown material? Is it best without manure or better to add manure to the compost? I'd rather not make the mistakes others have if I don't have to. Of course maybe this is the subject I should research to give others what I've been able to learn. Just don't want to reinvent the wheel if I don't have to. 

  • Janet McArthur 1 year ago

    Have to warn folk I made seaweed tea by mistake. The kids collected a bucket of seaweed for me from the nearby beach and then we left it in the garden until I had time to dig it in. The rain filled the bucket and, after a few days, the whole lot stank to high heaven. I poured the whole lot out onto a small bed in the garden and tried to dig it in, but the seaweed stayed resolutely on the top of the soil. So just to warn you to breathe through your mouth or you'll be gagging constantly, if you're as smell sensitive as I am. On the bright side, I noticed that not one single cat, dog or fox dug in that area and they are still giving it a wide berth, so I think seaweed must be a deterrent – probably the smell! I keep trying to remember to put a bunch of seaweed over areas I plant bulbs, because the squirrels quite like to dig them up for breakfast … sigh! It's worth putting up with the smell for the benefits, but at least we are at a distance from neighbours on all sides, but if you're cheek by jowl, your neighbours might not be very keen on the seaweed brew!

  • Firdous Valley 1 year ago

    Why does this video have 9 dislikes?

  • vanierselvenema 1 year ago

    What are your thoughts on blending seaweed in water?

  • Steve Parker 1 year ago

    Mark, does seaweed work better for something's whereas comfrey works for others? I have brought some seaweed back from the beach yesterday and thought I would give it a go!

  • Teeglenn T 1 year ago

    Excellent video!! Thanks . I live 500 metres from a seaweed covered beach. Just heading down there now with a big plastic bag!!!!

  • Clive Dyson 1 year ago

    Thanks for a very informative video Mark. I tried to make a seaweed fertilizer by soaking seaweed in a 130 litre blue plastic barrel for three months or more. I then diluted it 1:16 and sprayed it on my plants. All the leaves went brown and brittle as though they were burnt where the liquid had touched them. Could you please tell me why this could have happened?

  • LearnHowToGarden 1 year ago


  • Lilylibra 1 year ago

    Exactly what I was looking for, thank you. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

  • LearnHowToGarden 1 year ago

    Bring a bag back from holiday

  • Maple Flagg 1 year ago

    You buried in seaweed, I can't even voice the yuck factor. But I will try seaweed in my garden to see if it makes my plants stronver and healthier. Thanks

  • alan30189 1 year ago

    Probably even better for your skin if you take the wetsuit off. ;-)

  • Angus McFungus 1 year ago

    Its great for growing weed btw!!

  • mchlbk 1 year ago

    I've heard somewhere that the salt in seaweed will scare off slugs and snails if you use it to mulch your veggie garden. Your thoughts on this?

  • Fiona Bird 1 year ago

    I take it off the rocks – carrageen and pepper dulse and cook with it :-)

  • wbmkk 1 year ago

    A few questions please ?

    (1) If I use seaweed on the soil directly, should I wash it first, to remove some of the salt

    (2) Can you add seaweed to the compost heap.

    (3) If I make up seaweed fertilizer, can it be stored. I'm thinking of trying it and storing the liquid in old milk cartons, ready to use throughout 2014. I could make a batch, wait 8 weeks, bottle it, then start again and again until the growing season starts.

  • Veronica Aguilar 1 year ago

    Hey there! Can I use sushi nori (sushi wrapping)? on the ingredient list says "100% seaweed" because I don't have access to this kind of seaweed. TY for your time sir ;)

  • May Yang 1 year ago

    hi john i been trying to the aloe that you are talking about it and they don't even have for do i get one of this plant?

  • fishzmfgo1 1 year ago

    I won't eat aloe it tastiest bad tho it defentily helps with burns tho but to each there own 

  • americanwillow 1 year ago

    Anyone know where to get the particular moringa tree or seeds in this video?

  • Amee Hassa 1 year ago

    Special Mango thank you where I can buy the seeds I live in buffalo newyork

  • covercalls88 1 year ago

    I agree with you about grass being a waste of space unless you have kids. Many years before drought conditions hit the So Cal area, I dumped my grass and went to a low water. Only watering once a week or less during the summer saves lots of water. On top of that I save a lot of time as there is no grass to mow and only needs trimming about every two months during the growing season.

  • Diglooツ 1 year ago

    I don't ever need to fertilize or water my lawn because I live in New York and we have rain atleast 5 times every month xD I also grow flowers strawberries corn blueberrys watermelon etc etc.

  • Steph Jackson 1 year ago

    Awesome! Thank you!!! I've got this 🙂 thanks to your video. Wasn't sure how to get started.

  • Asia Campbell 1 year ago

    I Love your Aloe Plants. I started my first plant and it had Four growing on the side. Your video was very helpful! Thanks!

  • ThePariss333 1 year ago

    Why mine has leave points dry ?I'm in the desert so the heat is high 107 to 115 degree f. I give water with drip irrigation 4 times a week like 15 to 30 minutes cause the soil get hot and dry quickly .I have a lot of them from just two I purchase on Star nursery , maybe 35 already and every suck I take I just plant it right away so I got a lot.

  • May Nang Soe 1 year ago


  • kumoxchan mufti 1 year ago

    does aloe vera smells bad like onion? or is there kinds that smells bad and others that smells like nothing please help. because I can't handle the foul smell of the plant. though I really really like aloes and want to use it

  • Jacob R 1 year ago

    chill on the adderall usage

  • Amee Hassa 1 year ago

    How I can have this plant in my garden?

  • robtherub 1 year ago

    nice channel, i have not compared prices but will be buying from you just because of your passion for your subject

  • Jasper Dumas 1 year ago

    new sub … ware can i buy one ??

  • Mona Al Hendi 1 year ago

    Wish the video was parts. Its too long. Thanks anyways, you provided lots of great information

  • S Leung 1 year ago

    Though he's rather verbose, it's really informative, particularly in the way he shows how to harvest the baby plants from the mother plant which is then rebooted. This is the proper way to harvest and propagate aloe plants, in contrast to those misinformation (on youtube and more) about leaf cutting.

    Those aloes in this garden look so healthy, with all the leaves standing so upright. They're lucky to have all the sun in Florida. I have the same kind of aloe plants at home, but the leaves are kind of droopy since half of the year, I have to take it indoor to protect it from harsh winter.

    He's absolutely right, about growing our own food. What's not to love afterall. A word of caution: One should always test the soil quality first. In the area where I live, a lot of soil has lead and other contamination. If yes, then no, you don't want to eat those fruits and food grown in those soil. The aquaponic system he shows in the clip early on is cool, and is definitely the way to go.

  • lea perrins 1 year ago

    The absurdity of being told what you can or cannot grow on your OWN LAND is overwhelming. I find this DISGUSTING. Honestly my list of 'anti America' reasons gets longer every day. Wolf in a sheep's clothing if you ask me. People need to stand up to this – it is utter BOLLOCKS.