Seaside family house with modern garden and landscape design (own trip)

Gordons Bay House, created by Secret Gardens and Milieu Creative, is a seaside family home with a perfect modern garden and landscape design. The layered landscape and garden design of Secret Gardens sits on the steep slopes of picturesque Gordons Bay (Sydney, Australia), seeing outdoor spaces matching the uncompromising and site-specific houses they surround. For Matt Cantwell, the founder of the Secret Garden, this is an exciting project. The introduction to the beachside family house is simple, but it is very demanding. “Garden and landscape design need to complement the architectural style of the waterfront family home, but the client also wanted something unique and straightforward,” Matt explained. Working within the inherited footprint, the project carried out the construction and interior decoration of the previously closed house, where Milieu Creative’s Davina Bester injected warmth and connection with the site through materials, openness and key texture exquisite elements. Created her brother Aidan (Aidan) and wife Aleks (Aleks) is a new seaside family home for customers. The open sea view overlooks the Gulf of Gordans, and the connected living, dining and kitchen spaces are unobstructed in the coastal scenery, accompanied by aural and aromatic enhancements. In order to achieve a balance between intimacy and ambition, this feat makes the inherent challenges of the project even more impressive. The Secret Garden creates a vivid and textured modern garden and landscape for the site and house architecture. Produced by a local project. Filmed by Cheer Squad Film Co.. For more information about local projects: website – Instagram – print publication – Pinterest – #landscapedesign #architecture #homedesign.


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