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Tending to school gardens has become part of the “Green Schools” movement in which students learn about sustainability, composting, growing food locally and taking care of the earth. Many schools use curriculum developed by Earth Day Network to bring such lessons into the school day. The following are scenes from school gardens in the Albany, CA, Unified School District which is adopting a green schools curriculum. Video Rating: / 5 EnrichLA has entered to be part of the LA2050 challenge. Our goal for this year is to build 11 new gardens, and provide Garden Ranger Programming at these schools, offering active, outdoor education to over 5,500 Los Angeles Youth! Music: “All I Have Is You” by Fierce Bad Rabbit Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsShamrock Gardens Elementary School GardenThe Roof Gardens Sustainability Story!The English Gardening SchoolTEDxHilo – Nancy Redfeather – Education for the Future School Gardens and Sustainability EducationSchool Gardens for SustainabilityD.C. School Gardens Program

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