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This video is of the school gardens at Mt.Diablo High Hchool, in Concord, CA located in the Bay Area of California. The gardens were started for the high school students many years ago when Patrick Oliver an environmental science teacher there turned an empty plot of land into a flourishing school garden. Students can now see where their food comes from and have a chance to get their hands working with soil and seed. This garden truly stands as a model for what many schools across the country and the globe can look like! This was my second Wwoofing, trip and I support the global ecovillage/permaculture/school garden movement. The future starts with a seed, our children and our food. They both be blessed, and well! I do not own the music in this video. The tracks are segments a trance artist, ATB. Video Rating: / 5 Click SUBSCRIBE: Today Sean James Cameron visits a London school who are taking part in the RHS Campaign for School Gardening to grow rocket seeds grown by British astronaut Tim Peake on the International Space Station currently orbiting the earth. Click Subscribe and come on the journey as we follow the progress of these seeds throughout the year, ✩ Become a Gardener! – ✩ Gardening & Allotment Website – ✩ Gardening Newsletter – (every fortnight) ✩ Instagram – ✩ FaceBook – ✩ Facebook Group, talk to other members ✩ Twitter – ✩ Sean’s Facebook – © The Horticultural Channel & Sean James Cameron 2016 Help us caption & translate this video! Related PostsThe English Gardening SchoolRHS School Gardening Team of the Year 2016 – Stafford Manor High School (Winner)RHS School Gardening Team of the Year 2015 – Walton High School (Finalist)RHS School Gardening Team […]

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  • skatersmurf 1 year ago

    Thanks Paul for showing off that nice little lush learning space. I enjoyed the tour and look forward to more vlogs, garden demos, and/or more tours. I want to ask about the drain in the center of the garden shown toward the end of the video. Is this drain used to capture water for the garden or does it lead to the sewer system? Thanks Paul!

  • Gaynor Bailey 1 year ago

    Looks like they got postman pat to bring them back lol but must admit I was wondering how they got back seeing as Tim and his pals are still up there

  • mick watson 1 year ago

    great to see the kids getting involved!!

  • Aaron's allotment 1 year ago

    What an awesome way to get young people involved. Great video Sean

  • carrots and cosmos 1 year ago

    Great video Sean, really excited to see which grew best. Bet it was a task and a half to get this all together. Appreciate your work 🙂 Jazz. and Gem

  • Sharon Bellfield 1 year ago

    My child attends this school, it's inner city and only the children with upper class accents were featured. This is absolutely not a true representation of the intake of children. That man isn't even a teacher, he's a learning mentor.

  • our florida garden 1 year ago

    This is so wonderful. My eleven year old loved it. Can't wait to see the results.

  • suttonelms1 1 year ago

    Excellent video, Sean.

  • Tina's Garden 1 year ago

    I love to see the kids gardening

  • 50 shades of green 1 year ago

    great experiment Sean !!!

  • Ssupermom12000 1 year ago

    Great video. We have had three days of 72 degree farenheit weather, but tomorrow back down into the fifties. not happy.

  • TheOldWoodworker 1 year ago

    Great series Sean. I like things to get kids involved in gardening


  • Mary Phillips 1 year ago

    How exciting, can't wait to see how things go.

  • Marks Allotment Diary 1 year ago

    This is just great and really good to see kids getting involved

  • Christine Dyer 1 year ago

    Sean thank you for this, i can't wait to see the results , I'm just as excited as the children .

  • Janice Johnson 1 year ago

    very cool!

  • micks Allotment 1 year ago

    how did the seeds get back to earth?

  • BritishWildlife UKTeenBirder 1 year ago

    what video-editing software do you use for this? thanks

  • Graham's Kitchen Garden 1 year ago

    Wow! What a brilliant project to be involved in and what a clever bit of editing! Those children will never forget the experience of being involved in such an essential type of reaserch in plant growth. Well done Sean, you should be proud also, to be part off this wonderful scientific experience. Best wishes Graham