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Experience the beauty of Nye Ranch farm that Kyle and Mel Burns built from the ground up in Fort Bragg, CA. Learn how they pivoted their farm’s business model in the face of a pandemic, and discover why they’ve chosen to leave this beautiful farm to pursue new opportunities further inland. Follow Kyle and Mel as they begin their new journey at River Hill Farm! To learn more about Farmers Friend’s growing selection of innovative tools and supplies for small farms, visit MB01APTMCTQVHFG Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTunas Farm | Indoor Vertical Farming | Cara baru Bercocok TanamAwesome Greenhouse Cucumber Farm and Harvest – Vegetable Agriculture Technology in Greenhouseகாய்கறி தோட்டம் சுற்றி பார்க்கலாம் வாங்க | Vegetable Garden Tour In Tamil | Mixed Vegetable FarmVertical Indoor Microgreens with LED's – Living Earth FarmKimbal Musk's Urban Farm – Square Roots – 2020Vertical Aeroponics Farming – Indoor Farm

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  • Farmers Friend 1 week ago

    Let us know in the comments below what was your favorite thing about this farm?

  • Imelda Ancheta 1 week ago

    It's truly wonderful way of living

  • Iancreed8592 1 week ago

    rich hipsters

  • dan delossantos 1 week ago

    Wow! very inspiring episode. it's really a good life living in a farm land. Self sustaining and environment friendly. More power.

  • Mario DeMatteo 1 week ago

    Thanks for your inspiring story!!!!

  • Mohammed Ali 1 week ago

    The best about this farm is the LOVE between you both, the cooperation and the productivity of the farm.

  • Amsa Sitanggang 1 week ago

    God Bless You and Family Kyle,,,Amsa Sitanggang from Jakarta Indonesia

  • Dilip Shetty 1 week ago

    The child will have a wonderful life.

  • Brought to you via incompetent Governor Newsome. Raised taxes, unwarranted quarantines. Saying Goodbye to California.

  • bigwheelsturning 1 week ago

    Wish I could have a "do over" and start a small garden farm, but at 76 it's a bit too late. Grew up on a farm in Kansas, but the draft took me west and I never went back. My "gardenway" big wheel cart is 46 years old now. 😉

  • Mahi JB 1 week ago

    Lots of SYMBOLISM in their tattoos.

  • Cheri Merrifield 1 week ago

    Yay you are moving up here. Hope to see you at the farmers markets up here!!!!!! We love Fort Bragg, but its also wonderful here.

  • Kaveh Maguire 1 week ago

    I did an internship at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden in Fort Bragg in 2003. What a change Nevada City will be for them.

  • Mike Sorensen 1 week ago

    A beautiful farm, very organized and the soil looks great!

  • Land Elevated 1 week ago

    Hi Kyle and Mel! This is a great guide. It's nice to learn about how you're developing the land after you bought it. We're going to start sending our customers to this video so they can learn more about what it takes to develop their own land. You're an inspiration to those who want to start farming!

  • Maribel Rex 1 week ago

    what a beautiful farm

  • Suko Moro 1 week ago

    50/50 balance top "absolut

  • Will Jones 1 week ago

    I am 75 years old, did the Master Gardening Program at local university, been gardening since four years old, my Father, was a landscape gardener. I've never witnessed such love and completeness. What a great and refreshing example, as I head into my final years, I take great comfort in knowing those like you, will caring on in rows of planted seeds and fields of home grown, where children play and happiness abounds forever-more.