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Santalaia is one of the coolest Vertical Garden Projects in the world. With over 3,117 Squared Meters (33,000 Sq. Feet) this project is much more than a vertical Garden. It is a living building. This project is located in Bogotá, Colombia and it is becoming an important icon that reminds us about the importance of having nature, and specifically plants, in our daily lives. There are really no more words to describe it, the project speaks for itself. The project was built in collaboration between builder and designer Exacta Proyecto Total, Paisajismo Urbano (Vertical Garden Technology) and Groncol (Vertical garden and green roof designer and installer) Related PostsWorld Largest Vertical Garden – Santalaia buildingSantalaia in Bogotá – Project of the Week 9/6/16Amazing Desert Greenhouse Using Vertical Aeroponic Tower Garden TechnologyAmazing Plastic bottle Vertical Gardens & Cool Vertical Gardening ideasHow To Build Incredible Vertical Gardens | Amazing EarthGrow 120 Sq Ft of Garden Up Your House or Wall – Amazing Vertical Raised Bed Garden

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