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  • JulisSavage 1 year ago

    I love this church

  • Juan Logan 1 year ago

    and then the round at the end goes "Search me, Search me Lord"…ooohhhh Search me….ohhhh Search me…?

  • Juan Logan 1 year ago

    Nathaniel, the altos start out with "While i'm down here praying, Lord search my heart" then the sopranos, and then the tenors?

  • Demetrius Levy 1 year ago

    Can u send the word of this song to my email it

  • ChiKhal227 1 year ago

    This spirit-filled gospel song really rocks. I have taught it to several choirs and had fun playing it on the organ. This might have been recorded after Rev. Nicks passed away because the organist is Darryl Houston (and he is cooking). Rev. Nicks played on a lot of the choir's recordings. I love this lively, spirit-filled song. It is still sung at my old church in Detroit. I like the breakout parts on "Search me____, search me, Lord.!"

  • Anthony Poole 1 year ago

    They were so similar to First Church of Deliverance, in worship and style of singing.

  • Nathaniel Eure 1 year ago

    When the choir split and does their respective parts..what are the words? Does anyone know?

  • Annette Hankins 1 year ago

    The organist is none other than the great Darryl Houston. That boy can play. He played for us for many years with the Jubilee Chorus of Hartford Memorial Baptist Church with Jimmie Abbington. We had the blessing of singing with St. James at a concert at Ford Auditorium with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. My Lord what a night.

  • Lashondra Rayford 1 year ago

    i like how the organist is rocking back and forth, he is definitely feeling this song!!!!

  • King Tut 1 year ago

    What an awesome and powerful number to stop your church service off on Sunday. This is how you get them in Church. God Bless Charles Nicks for writing this powerful number. I had the opportunity to direct this song at my church and I was out of energy directing this song. One thing to know that when you direct a high powered number like this you better eat your

  • jwallen7 1 year ago

    Man, Brother Play that organ. I feel a shout coming on right about now

  • blkchi1 1 year ago

    Dont I miss this kinda church..

  • Marcel West 1 year ago

    God Bless You!!

  • tresamworld1 1 year ago

    Thank Marcell77, everyone needs to know of the rich music history of this great church. There will never be another like it! God bless you!

  • Akeem Dorsey 1 year ago

    who are those women in white????

  • Marcel West 1 year ago

    Walking Up The King's Highway

  • 8315dbird 1 year ago

    What were they saying when the Minister got up to the roster??

  • 8315dbird 1 year ago

    Well u know the M.C. sometimes gets the title mixed up a little at least she wasn't way off on the song.

  • Terry M 1 year ago

    he was deceased at this time

  • Robert Blackburn 1 year ago

    That organ is too bad. This choir moves every string I got. The Baptist didn't take no back seat to any church. Singing in he Holy Ghost. Just singing.

  • Marcel West 1 year ago