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Still unmatched in the Green Roof industry! Yes, it is real grass on five Celebrity Cruise ships that are travelling around the world. Over the last 10 years already over 1 million guests experienced modern Green Roof technology on their vacations, enjoyed a picnic 15 stories above sea level or relaxed the ever changing beautiful scenery while feeling the grass between their toes. Living green is possible on any impervious location – mobile or immobile! Jorg Breuning has almost 4 decades of advanced Green Roof experience. Why not doing things right in the first place? The Green Roof Symposium brought together experts from industry, policy, and research to increase public awareness and businesses’ understanding of how green roof technology can be utilized to help solve environmental problems such as air pollution, storm water runoff, biodiversity loss, and the heat island effect in urban areas. Related PostsGreenroof 101, Home Made Green RoofGreenRoof TechnologyGreenRoofSloped GreenRoof – Roof Pitch ≥ 35° or 68%Greenroof Retrofit Lessons Learned Out with the old and in with the new HDGreenroof – Solar energy, rainwater harvesting and grey water use in Bangalore,India 🙂


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