In the final instalment of our themed week, “Property Topics Going Head to Head”, with Nova Financial, M.D. Paul Mahoney discusses how to invest safely in a post-Covid19 lock-down world with a recession looming, plus we give some tips about changing tenant priorities and things to be mindful of.
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Brett suffered from debilitating depression, anxiety and insomnia for 40 years. He’s taken every psycho drug out there. Now he’s not taking any medication at all. Instead he eats just meat and inhales cannabis, has lost over 100 lbs, completely cured his depression and anxiety and has greatly improved his insomnia.

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Safe investing post Covid19 and tips of things to be mindful of

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  • James Swartz

    Carnivore alone, without the weed, drastically improved my mental health, to the point that I no longer require medication or routine doctor's appointments. I'm a combat vet with PTSD, and I've been under treatment for years. Within three months of switching to a strict carnivore diet, my sleep improved, my depression improved, my anxiety improved, I had more energy, I was having FAR fewer headaches, heck, even my joint pain improved. The carnivore way of eating literally changed my life.

  • emily1922

    You are so right. But it's so much worse. Research flat earth if you really want to look into the way they've lied to us.

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