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Check out my “ultimate vehicle dwelling” website: —————————————————————————————————————————- These videos are for fun. What I do for a living is write health books on physical therapy and nutrition (and general health). My latest health book: If you are interested in seeing other books that I have created, check out my author bio, on, by clicking here: —————————————————————————————————————————- Want solar for your RV or van? Check out this page: Micro and Lightweight Solar Systems for travelers: Want my awesome solar powered unicycle? Go here: Vehicle Friendly Solar Powered Computers: LED Lights: Vehicle Security Products: Van and RV Refrigerators: Kitchen Tools: Useful RV and Van Gadgets: Mattress Pads: Vehicle Dwelling Construction Tools: Important documents to show to the police if you are a van dweller: ——————————————————————————————————————— My camera: Thanks for watching! 🙂 If you have any video ideas, let me know in the comment section. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsAutomated Indoor Vertical Grow Wall with LED Lighting + More at CES 2017How To Make Succulent Hanging Wall Art & 2 More Plant DIY Projects Bea Organized Refinery29How to Plant Your New Age Garden Living Wall Vertical GardenDIY Vertical Wall Garden | BEAUTIFUL PLANT WALL FOR YOUR BALCONYartificial plant wall & artificial vertical garden

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  • Terry I 11 months ago

    Hanging plants , swinging freely. An accident at high speed could be dangerous.

  • Route66Linda 11 months ago

    Love the plants 🙂

  • Kyle W Bass 11 months ago

    Will, the tinder vids are hilarious. Little mean, but thats what makes it funny. Love the uni vids, especially when you include yourself and the uni in the shot. Keep up the good work!! C YA!!

  • gen murrai 11 months ago

    Love the hi speed. Make sure the pots won't be clanking around when driving

  • CoolCat Carolena 11 months ago

    Love the plants. I have plants in my van. The orchid is beautiful. Did you repot it with regular soil? I have mine in a separate orchid container with orchid moss. Hope they thrive in that window.

  • deltatoofow 11 months ago

    do you have plans to change RVs in the future?
    if you had to start over would you buy the same again? thanks

  • Philip Emanuele 11 months ago

    I'm glad you learn this so we can skip the learning lol
    I decided I'm going to do a 2" pipe the length of my van filled with moss and a small fan on the end to filter my air and absorb water. Think it will work?

  • Looking much better on the plantation,, lol., I was wondering if you could either put up some peg board on the back wall for hanging pots pans, utensils,,, and actually though you could have kept up the planter for some seasonings, etc, plus down below extend your bed and put like a bench with another foamie thing on it for comfort and some pillows.

  • Jean Reol 11 months ago

    Whats with the winter job?

  • KingArthur 11 months ago

    Screw hippies. Superb air quality > stupid baseless ideology.

  • steve thompson 11 months ago

    I used to travel with a Croton plant. I think they clean the air like mother-in-law plants.

  • steve thompson 11 months ago

    Do these plants have drainage? If not, over watering could kill them.

  • Blunt Bhudda 11 months ago

    Yeah get rid of those plants… grow some Weed!

  • Don Decoste 11 months ago

    Very cool.

  • Douglas Freebird Photography 11 months ago

    I like all your plants, now you need a snake plant to sit on the window sill to complete your tropical rain forest…

  • Craig Gleichmann 11 months ago

    looks great will your a genius awsome

  • egn83b 11 months ago

    Never realized the dimensions of your space tell now the camera does hide things, lol.

  • btiller44 11 months ago

    you had to pick the gay-est looking planters. And you cut out the part where you cleaned up all that dirt from the first part. I was looking forward to seeing how you got it out of the carpet.