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Rotterdam strives to be a healthy city with healthy inhabitants. Good health and fitness can make it easier for people to find and keep work, live up to their full potential, raise children and care for others. While health is primarily a personal responsibility, the city of Rotterdam will aid and facilitate its inhabitants where it can. The policy document Public Health 2016-2020 ‘Rotterdam Healthy City’ describes the method and all measures. Video Rating: / 5 Across the world governments and developers are waking up to the fact that healthier cities are happier ones. We touch down in three very different destinations to admire some of the best urban design initiatives. To discover more about Monocle magazine head to Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWhat does a Healthy City mean to you?A Healthy City for All: Vancouver’s Healthy City StrategyFever: 1793 – The Healthy CityWhat is a Healthy City? Festival of Health sessionHealthy City Planning: From Neighbourhood to National Health Equity E-Book2015 UCLA HCI Symposium: From Healthy Campus to Healthy City


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