Here I take one tower out and drop down to two towers. The lettuce gets so big that it rubs each other in the towers and canopies other plants for light due to overcrowding. Time to rectify this issue. Also adding 4 full spectrum 1200watt LED’s to create more intense lighting to solve a leggy stem problem.

Rotating hydroponic tower modification and lighting upgrade

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  • Deb Martindale

    Thanks for sharing what, why, and how! You did a GREAT job on the video. A little humor made it fun too. A few questions: I assume 1/2 the width of the shelf is the distance between towers and 1/4 the shelf width for distance from each tower to sides. Do you have a local source for your lights or online?

  • DoodahGurl

    This video made me laugh. First when you ate a leaf while harvesting, then the comment about the camera adding 20 lbs, and finally, the fact that you thought it was going to be a struggle to move those columns. Just curious, do you have all the tools you use from a job or prior hobby or did you have to go out and purchase new stuff to do all this?

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