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Rooting Hydroponic Clones, Medical Marijuana Grow – 07 – Indoor garden Hydroponic and organic

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  • T. Sessions

    Is it normal if roots start to brown some in the reservoir about a month afer sprouting? Mine were super white until today but the plants are still growing at a fast pace.

  • TheIrishPitbull08

    Make your own out of a shallow storage tote from Walmart, stirofoam from home depot and some $1 baskets from hydro store that are made for gutter systems and and 15$ air pump. Cut holes to basket sizes, hook it up and fill with hydro veg nutes. Save yourself 250$

  • jaspertodd

    Is that Rapid Rooter Plugs your using?I ask cause iam kinda new to this.And wanted to ask how long till i can place them into my hydroponic setup with Nutirents?I started seeds in tray dome covered tray with a heatmat.There about a inch hight on day 4.Yuo think its to soon to transplant them?Thank you for the info.

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