hi do you think where can I find rooting hormone?


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the hormone rooting it is commonly produced by plants, its name auxin, and is found differently in different plants; in general, plants that tend to root more easily by cutting produce a greater quantity of auxin; while those which root with great difficulty by cutting usually contain little. As with hormones in humans, lauxin is also transported into plant cells, and functions as a carrier of information; in this case, this hormone informs the plant to produce roots. There are some products on the market, based on synthetic hormones, in powder or liquid form. Such products are fairly easy to find in well-stocked nurseries, or even DIY stores; all brands of gardening products in Italy also have rooting hormone in their catalog. Often this product is found on the shelves of insecticidal products or among fertilizers; just as often it is placed among the products for bonsai lovers, because generally it is the bonsai lovers who try their hand at various risky practices, such as cuttings or layering of large branches. in the bottom part; but it is not advisable to use this hormone in large quantities or on adult plants, because it does not stimulate the production of a wider and more branched root system. Indeed, if used excessively, or if spread on an already rooted plant, it works precisely in the winter sense, or as a herbicide, as it is not easily metabolized by the plant, and an excess of product in the tissues can cause serious damage to the plants. So, when you can find a package of rooting hormone, remember that it is only used for cuttings and layering, and that it is advisable to follow the directions on the package: usually you dip the lower part of the cuttings in the hormone for a couple of seconds, you it shakes to remove excesses and then it is buried.

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