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How do you diagnose root disease, and what does it mean for your garden? There are definitely some circumstances that are more conducive to root disease than others. Number 1is recirculating water gardens. When we recirculate water in the case of aeroponics gardens, top feed drip, flood and drain, deep water culture, all these situations where the plants are all sharing water becomes the perfect environment for disease to spread. When plants share water, the ability to pass the disease from one plant to another is not mitigated whatsoever, which results in rampant spread of said disease. The best means of controlling this problem is constantly monitoring water temperature, water and food consumption, and disease preventatives such as Clean Slate, H202, and other methods. Just remember: watch your food consumption. Watch your nutrient consumption. They should go up. If they don’t, you probably have a problem with root disease. The Garden Sage David Robinson has been in the hydroponics industry for over 20 years. Learn from his expert advice on how to really grow your plants using techniques perfected by the hydroponics industry. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPossible Indoor Gardening with HID Lightning – A Garden Sage LessonAvoiding Root Rot | Hydroponics Nova ScotiaRoot Aphids GRRRRR! Hydroponic Systems Tower GardensJerry Baker’s Year Round Vegetable Gardening Summer Insect & Disease ControlCoronary Artery Disease Guidelines – Coronary Artery Disease EducationChicago IL Dentist Sharing the ABC News Segment on Laser Gum Disease Treatment- LANAP

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