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First nightmare with root aphids in hydroponics DWC. Root Aphids seem to have a special love for cannabis! This will be the first video of a series discussing these evil insects. I will follow up with controll videos using products such as: Bayer Tree and Shrub, Pyganic, Other Liquid Pyrethrums, Nematodes, Azamax, SNS 203 ECT…. Related PostsRoot Aphids GRRRRR! Hydroponic Systems Tower GardensHow to Root / Clone Tomato Suckers Using GrowplugsUnder Current XXL Hydroponics -HUGE- Root System Harvest Time!!!Basement Lighting DWC – R Root Rapid Hydroponics System Set upHunting of banyan tree from wall ,root pruning,tips to grow plant ,and making bonsai in hindi/urduWhat is ROOT ROT? What does ROOT ROT mean? ROOT ROT meaning, definition & explanation

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  • penniesforwisdom 1 year ago

    Holy! ? I found a full grown one on my shirt the other day… I passed it off as a normal beetle haplessly traveling… This is BRAND NEW to me! I too live in Colorado (viva amendment 64). It's early March and found the beetle curious… But now I'm going to put on my boots and helmet and go in ready for war. Lol. I hope not… Cmon 12/12 cycle hurry and turn on! ??????

  • calibomber209 1 year ago

    How did the plant look while like this? I'm trying to determine lock out, nute burn, root aphids and or phos defic. I dug my roots up from coco and there's lots of roots and no flies. Any help would help thanks!?

  • Z WB 1 year ago

    bonide has a systemic insect control that will wipe them out. just don't flower the plants that have been used with bonide for a few months. And clean the entire grow.

  • 240SSONLY 1 year ago

    thank you for sharing dude… good man

  • Canna Ken 1 year ago


  • Stacy .Thompson 1 year ago

    get stinging nettle plants watch?NR=1&v=ZTR84qIKhpo&feature=endscreen i hear that they keep them away

  • Kayla Coe 1 year ago

    do u need to have that bad of an infestation to see flyers?

  • Don Juan jr. 1 year ago

    How long did it take to get that bad. ?

  • green98peon 1 year ago


  • Luxury Gates 1 year ago

    it was a fungus nat i bet .. not to worry get sticky trap yellow paper . and hot shots flying insect killer . its a strip that you hang in the room and it release the insect killer .. . its much harder to get root aphids in soil . thats why i doubt thats what you have

  • Allen Pedersen 1 year ago

    Met-52 It works It works It works

  • headlightguy 1 year ago

    microwave everything before using

  • Aj Wysopal 1 year ago

    get ladybugs!

  • electrodubz 1 year ago

    @meentree2009: Google "springtails" and see if its those. if so, they are harmless. If they hop they are probably springtails..Only thing i can think of that i've dealt with..

  • Bret1Maverick 1 year ago

    @meentree2009 you guessed right. It as a might that feeds on the dead roots or somthing. Its soposed to be bennifical, but i still dont like bugs in my house, ya know?. THey came in botanicare Boss coco blocks about a year ago. still no negetive effects, exept for the headachs of having a bug there.

  • electrodubz 1 year ago

    @meentree2009 Awesome. It does stay in the system of MJ for at least 30 days, i wait 45 days before i chop anything that has been sprayed with Bayer. If you are in Cali, send your final product to Steep Hill Labs, they will tell you if its still in the plant.. I've seen samples that were were over 30 days since sprayed and tested positive. I ONLY use it in early flower, nothing past week 3..

  • StanwoodSpartans 1 year ago

    my pest problem last night was so bad, i just killed my plants.

    I looked at my soil and bugs crawling everywhere.

    fuck whitneys farm potting soil

  • Tony Ellero 1 year ago

    Hit them with Bayer Advanced and knock them down.

  • Doe John 1 year ago

    OK bro for the longest time i thought i had spider mites in my hydro system but now after researching you tubers more dude i swear i have those bc after i trimmed they came out when i walked away from trimming tray and were all over it little white specs like those and under scope look like crabs fuck man wtf do i do? for my next harvest should i bug fogger the tent (bug bomb from walmart) or will they die off or what because look at my vidz my veg in same room

  • Bret1Maverick 1 year ago

    I watched this a while back, when you put it up. Remo did one today, and i was watching it. The aphids he had on film, were way smaller than gnats, and white looking to the nakid eye. They were brown under a scope. I jsut went down to my flower tent, because when i flood this one pot, i notice little white flee looking things, hopping around. I looked at them under the scope, and they look like a brown spidermite. a tad bigger. They arent spider mites though, they are only in my coco.