Root Aphids GRRRRR!  Hydroponic Systems Tower Gardens

For root aphids, add Azamax to the water at a rate of 4 oz. per Tower Garden every 4-7 days for three treatments: Run the system for 24 hours, dump, and refill with fresh water and nutrients. Azamax is OMRI certified to be organic.

Pyrethrin works too and is cheaper but is not considered organic:

For external control of root aphids and other pests, In a 1L sprayer add 1/2 T. Super Clean Neem and 1/2 T. Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds. Mix well and spray in the evening.

Everything I read about neem says to be careful in high humidity and high temps, so spray at night and carefully wash it off this morning if you have those conditions!

Neem works by suffocating soft bodied insects, on fungus, and on insects that eat your plants by disrupting their hormones. It works best on soft bodied insects, but will work on all insects if you spray regularly.

Spray in the evening, after beneficial bugs have gone to bed. Neem will not hurt beneficial bugs who eat other bugs, but will hurt bad bugs that eat your plants.

Neem and soap will BURN your plants if you’re not careful – if you have high temps and especially high humidity, make sure you wash it off thoroughly in the morning.

Here’s more info, including a great video on how this works:

I my Solo 1 L sprayer. It’s a fantastic sprayer for small jobs, 1-6 Tower Gardens. You can buy it here:
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Root Aphids GRRRRR! Hydroponic Systems Tower Gardens

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  • onlychevys Williams

    Thank you for sharing this! Trying to find a way to get rid of the kritters without chemicals is the hardest part. Thumbs up!

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