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These songs were first played in rooftop gardens wakfield. Between 1990-1992 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPrince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands HD Playthrough Episode 24: Rooftop GardensBangladeshi Rooftop GardensPaul Lamont DJing at Rooftop Gardens Wakefield In 1986Small but Stunning Rooftop and Deck GardensCreative Rooftop GardensGoing Green with Rooftop Gardens


Green Roofs



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  • matthew browes 1 year ago

    came up from norwich in the 90s with my mate had a great night out there awesome place.

  • Jason Langton 1 year ago

    Fantastic nights miss the place

  • D niro 1 year ago

    AWESOME times @  rooftops , glad i was part of that  , just dance n move ur body 

  • wil13 1 year ago

    Happy times!!

  • Steven Milburn 1 year ago

    Use to love this club there no where like it these days rooftops n casanovas top class takes me back to my younger years

  • yorkshire¬raver lufc 1 year ago

    back in the days

  • senr68 1 year ago

    Oh man this brings back many happy memories.
    Me n mate used to climb up the outside frame of the spiral staircase from casanovas to rooftops to beat the queues. lol
    10p a pint was the danglies, as was thursday grab a granny neet.
    Beats the piss out of wakey these days.

  • Richard Carter 1 year ago

    10 pencer was awesome! Happy Days! 🙂

  • Johnny3Voltz 1 year ago

    Monday night was 10 pence a pint. I was there every monday without fail. The beer was like camel piss, but still got hammered in a pound.

  • Mark Oates 1 year ago

    Cant keep away good times

  • mjfox35 1 year ago

    I agree mark. Me and my mates had some great nights in rooftops and casanovas

  • Mark Oates 1 year ago

    These were the days the Bull

  • mjfox35 1 year ago

    Even on 10p a night I would still spend alot drinking cocktails.

  • mjfox35 1 year ago

    Which is your girlfreind gmsepp.

  • Steven Morris 1 year ago

    they were the days 10p a pint night loved it

  • AProperNoob 1 year ago

    My dad used to be a Bouncer up wakefield in the early 90's, heard a tale of few about Rooftops. class