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Started setting up the garden and planting in it towards the end of July. Hyderabad has been receiving extremely good rainfalls this time around and the growth/health of plants shows that! In this video, I primarily discuss 1. Why I remove the wooden boxes? 0:00:48 2. What happened to the potting mix? 0:05:21 3. How to plan your garden based on the rainfall and temperature of the region in which you stay. 0:09:05 #permaculture #permculturegarden #permacultureindia #rooftop #garden #terracegarden #gardendesign #gardenlife #gardener #gardening #gardens #gardeninspiration #organic #organicfarming #growyourown #vegetables #telangana #hyderabad #india Related PostsRooftop Gardening || 2019 Edition || Episode 02Edible Rooftop Gardening 2019Indoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingRooftop farming | EPISODE 82 | HD | Shykh Seraj | Channel i | Roof Gardening | ছাদকৃষি |Rooftop farming || EPISODE 75 || HD || Shykh Seraj || Channel i || Roof Gardening || ছাদকৃষি ||Rooftop farming | EPISODE 89 | HD | Shykh Seraj | Channel i | Roof Gardening | ছাদকৃষি |

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  • shafaq007 9 months ago

    I hate when the thumb nail is nice and the video is shity

  • Uma Santosh 9 months ago

    Happy to see you are back .I am learning so much from you I am following companion method planting some garlic and onion for insects like mealybugs it is working I need guidelines for moths and other insects which we face in summer.

  • kalyan chakravarthid 9 months ago

    Hi it's nice to see your videos after a very long time back, hope soon you will start the training sessions for the same.
    and i have question regarding the Red ants , there are plants of red ants are in my TG , i have constructed a permanent cement bed in that, so what do you suggest on this ? waiting for your reply…

  • Akanksha Jain 9 months ago

    Superb.. was waiting for this video eagerly to new change to Ur rooftop garden waiting to see it become a forest again.. pls keep regular in videos at all steps if possible.

  • Srikanth Dasi 9 months ago

    I got inspired by you and started 2 years back.. You just diasappeared… but I guess the city turned greener now… many telugu vlogs now on TG…

  • Jyju's Home Videos 9 months ago

    Beautiful Video !! Really informative !! Keep your great job going !!

  • VENKATESHGANTI 9 months ago

    A very good R&D sai

  • Niti's English & Knowledge World 9 months ago

    Great to see you again

  • All About Computers And Technology 9 months ago

    Hey Sai ! Ishan here