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A roof top garden in Hyderabad.. Completely organic! Video Rating: / 5 Hi guys! Welcome to a brand new series of videos on organic rooftop gardening. In these videos I hope to share what I am doing on my own rooftop as well as visits to other rooftop gardens. Its going to be entirely organic, with permaculture sprinkled in there. Hope you enjoy your stay here! Thanks for the time! Related PostsRooftop Garden waterproofing Testing Hyderabad A.P IndiaOrganic Edible ‘Beautiful’ Rooftop Garden – Hyderabad, IndiaEdible Organic Roof-top Garden ‘Long’ tour! – Hyderabad, India” Via Verde ” Bronx Rooftop Garden Club #1 20132013 Egypt Rooftop GardeningTHESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)


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  • Tanmay Patil 1 year ago


  • Hema Lata 1 year ago

    I am from sainikpuri Hyderabad.
    very nice updates.I saw ur link just now.I started my gardening few month back so i was searching for gardening link.I got yours.which part of hyderbad you stay?Is it possible to meet you to see and learn some more tips.with regards

  • sweety swarna 1 year ago

    I want lettuce. Where get seeds how to grow?

  • kishore bikumandla 1 year ago

    sir telugu lo translate cheyandi bhaguntundi inth telugulo okka video kuda ledu
    request u for how to make home made compost and other gardening details in telugu?

  • Sussex Gardening 1 year ago

    Great update. Thanks?

  • Sharad Singh 1 year ago

    Hi, Can u explain me the bubble thing and how do you prepare compost.?

  • Malika Mulji 1 year ago

    how do you make sure the water doesnt leak onto the roof??

  • kiran sethy 1 year ago

    wanted to know what all pots you are using and how do you make those wooden container?

  • Sirisha Hosur 1 year ago

    Hi DJ, Thanks for the very interesting video. I have been unsuccessful in growing tomatoes in the last 2 seasons. You mention a local variety of tomato to be sturdy – glad to hear that. Could you please let me know the names of the varieties of tomatoes you have mentioned in this video and also where I can get them in Hyderabad. Thanks so much!?

  • Ankur Maheshwari 1 year ago

    great work
    can you please tell about soil mixture ratio

  • Gaynor Armash 1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing…..?

  • Ashu Ashwini 1 year ago

    Hey, I'm from hyderabad. I liked the way you organized the garden. Can you tell me what kind of containers/wood/pots you use? The better place to get them..and where do you exactly get the seeds from??

  • Bhavani Krishna 1 year ago

    Bro I need that wood container can u say from where u got that container. ??

  • Manju Murugesan 1 year ago

    Awesome video. Im from tamilnadu, can you tell about those seeds and where can i get it..?

  • ChandiPrasad B 1 year ago

    You infact did inspire me into this. I found this video while I was searching for roof top gardening.?

  • ChandiPrasad B 1 year ago

    Brother, I am interested in learning this. I am also from Hyderabad. Not sure if you would be interested in teaching this to others, I have about 1400 sft roof area. Do you think you can introduce me to doing stuff like this??

  • vinod __ 1 year ago

    wow.. that's VERY Inspirational. 🙂
    Just a Question on compost/Vermicompost with lot of water and bubbles in drums.. Please share why and how to do it.?

  • Raghava Krishna Nandiraju 1 year ago

    Nice job!! Way to go!!?

  • Chandra Sekaran 1 year ago

    very nice and good keep it up

  • Meera Flavy 1 year ago

    Hi. You have a beautiful garden. Congrats !! Can you please let me know about how to make the wooden containers, the size, system for holding soil, drainage system etc. if you can post the step by step guide of preparing the wooden containers would be helpful to me too. you can post some pics too. thanks.?

  • Pratima Poojary 1 year ago

    Hi Dj .. Hope I have spelt it right … It was nice to come across some Indian content … It will easier to relate to as we do not have any specialised store for gardening in India .. Had a question .. Wanted to know where did u get your containers from .. The one in which u are growing amaranths and lettuce.. Thanks .. All the best?

  • king singh 1 year ago

    Can anyone tell where can i get rooting hormone for amaranthus cutting.
    Nice work i also have roof garden but there is a problem of scale insect.?

  • Trace zach daniels 1 year ago

    awesome job..thanx!?

  • anil kumar 1 year ago

    My new house is under construction and I intend to learn about rooftop vegetable gardening (organic) so that I can use my small roof (450 sqft approx). I like to know about the time and money needed for a start up. As the place is small I like to concentrate only on some kinds like cabbage, cauliflower , carrot, tomatoes,leafy vegetables, corn etc.
    The main problem for beginners is what type of soil should be used and where can we get fertile soil.

  • ajay reddy 1 year ago

    hay i would like to visit your garden.. as am from hyd its wont be difficult for me to come personally and see and learn…. can you message on my wats appp 9704405102?

  • kiran sethy 1 year ago

    how r u handling mili bug infestation, i heard sikakay extract helps is it true??

  • Irene Gupta 1 year ago

    Very nice video. The amaranth looks wonderful. I too am just starting a terrace garden and have been looking for wooden crates. Can you suggest what kind of vendors I can approach for wooden crates?

  • JuicingGardener (Sheryl Mann) 1 year ago

    Great to meet you and looking forward to your videos! Come visit me over on JuicingGardener if you like. I'm growing all organic in containers, trays and a few raised beds. 🙂 ~ Sheryl?

  • Rohinton Irani 1 year ago

    Best of luck for new project. Would love to c how its going?

  • rajraj chol 1 year ago

    last year ur garden was absolutely fantastic , hope to c it back again…?