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Shykh Seraj is the proponent of the concept of roof gardening back in the 80s on the television media. It has now become so popular that urban and semi-urban citizens of the country are now striving to make the best out of it. By turning a rooftop into productive growing space we combat the issues of climate change while providing fresh food. Rooftop farms come in two main forms: open-air and greenhouse – each with its own unique advantages. Roof farms benefit the community in many ways. A roof farm can lower the temperature of roofs and the surrounding air… CO2 & Air Quality… By reducing a building’s energy usage roof farms can reduce carbon emissions. Furthermore, city-produced food can decrease the energy required for transporting food to eaters, and add carbon breathing plants to the city landscape. Increase access to fresh, healthy food… Roof farming increases urban density by making use of a previously unused space. By adding green space in an urban area, we can increase biodiversity and provide habitat for a diversity of insects and birds. Description Tweets by shykhseraj Video Rating: / 5 En Veetu Thottathil – Epi – 216 | Terrace-and-Roof Gardening | Videos | Velicham Tv Entertainment subscribe to velichamtv Entertainment: Link: Social Media Links: Facebook: https: // Twitter: https: // google+: Velicham Tv News & Cinema Entertainment Videos Velichamtv Live Videos. Related PostsRooftop farming | EPISODE 95 | HD | Shykh Seraj | Channel i | Roof Gardening | ছাদকৃষি |Rooftop farming | EPISODE 89 | HD | Shykh Seraj | Channel i | Roof Gardening | ছাদকৃষি |Rooftop farming | EPISODE 86 | HD | Shykh Seraj | Channel i | Roof Gardening | ছাদকৃষি |Rooftop farming | EPISODE 78 | HD | Shykh Seraj | Channel […]

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  • Ala Sk 4 months ago

    খুব ভালো সবাইকর দরকার

  • Shirsendu Toton 4 months ago

    শহর টা খুব সুন্দর এবং পরিকল্পিত

  • Shirsendu Toton 4 months ago

    বাংলাদেশীরা দেখেছি থাইল্যান্ড এর ফল খুব বেশী লাগায়……খুব ভালো লাগে তাদের কে……

  • G Shaikh 4 months ago


  • Md:Mamdud Bogura 4 months ago

    Khob valo akta program

  • sadia bunu 4 months ago


  • Dien Rong 4 months ago

    are vi Ami baipail thaki Agula dam lagle volte paren… 01641084883

  • yousuf akash 4 months ago

    Uncle was nice,, buri ki dongi

  • আমার ছাদ বাগান 4 months ago

    যারা ছাদ কৃষি করে তরাই জানে
    ছাদ বাগান করার আনন্দ
    আমি করেছি

  • Sylhet Farm House 4 months ago

    খুব সুন্দর বাগান দেখে ভালো লাগলো ।

  • Swapan Maity 4 months ago

    Good Job after retirement .

  • shammi tanjina 4 months ago

    মাতারী এটা এভাবে কথা বলে কেন?

  • Milon Sheik 4 months ago

    স্যার কেমন আছেন

  • Rakhi Farzana 4 months ago

    Sir you can also visit to our home.amader bashar sad dekhar moto shundor.

  • Ranjan Barman 4 months ago

    Owo bahud badiya hai

  • faruk joy 4 months ago

    আমি বাড়ির ছাদের উপর কৃষি করতে চাচ্ছি এক্ষেত্র আপনার থেকে পরামর্ষ নেওয়া খুবিই দরকার!

  • Hema Panneerselvam 4 months ago

    Mam sediya kattitte pesinal nandraga erukkum.