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Shykh Seraj is the proponent of the concept of roof gardening back in the 80s on the television media. It has now become so popular that urban and semi-urban citizens of the country are now striving to make the best out of it. By turning a rooftop into productive growing space we combat the issues of climate change while providing fresh food. Rooftop farms come in two main forms: open-air and greenhouse – each with its own unique advantages. Roof farms benefit the community in many ways. A roof farm can lower the temperature of roofs and the surrounding air… CO2 & Air Quality… By reducing a building’s energy usage roof farms can reduce carbon emissions. Furthermore, city-produced food can decrease the energy required for transporting food to eaters, and add carbon breathing plants to the city landscape. Increase access to fresh, healthy food… Roof farming increases urban density by making use of a previously unused space. By adding green space in an urban area, we can increase biodiversity and provide habitat for a diversity of insects and birds. Description… Tweets by shykhseraj Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRooftop farming || EPISODE 69 || HD || Shykh Seraj || Channel i || Roof Gardening || ছাদকৃষি ||Rooftop farming || EPISODE 73 || HD || Shykh Seraj || Channel i || Roof Gardening || ছাদকৃষি ||Rooftop farming | EPISODE 86 | HD | Shykh Seraj | Channel i | Roof Gardening | ছাদকৃষি |Rooftop farming | EPISODE 104 | HD | Shykh Seraj | Channel i | Roof Gardening | ছাদকৃষি |Rooftop farming | EPISODE 92 | HD | Shykh Seraj | Channel i | Roof Gardening | ছাদকৃষি |Rooftop farming || EPISODE 68 || HD || Shykh Seraj || Channel i || Roof Gardening || ছাদকৃষি […]

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  • Amit Kumar 6 months ago

    খুব সুন্দর উদ্যোগ।

  • Aktter Hossain 6 months ago

    shykh shiraj uncle er shathe contact korbo kivabe?

  • rafiue bakshi 6 months ago

    আপনার বাসায় ও কি কৃষির ছোঁয়া আছে? থাকলে দয়া করে তা নিয়ে একটি প্রতিবেদন করবেন ।☺

  • Shoma Naznin 6 months ago

    রংপুরের মৃদুল রহমানের ছাদ মাছ চাষ দেখে আমি অনুপ্রাণিত । মৃদুল রহমানের কোন কন্টাক্ট নাম্বার আছে ?

  • parvin akter 6 months ago

    Assalamualaikum bhai ami USA te Thaki buffalo city . Amer ekti favorite garden ache. But amer problem holo amer chichinga and lau gache prochor fal Ashe kintu Lal haye jarey jai er karon ki. Amake ekhon ki korte habe. Janaben please Khob upokrito hobo.

  • etu etu 6 months ago

    plz keu ki janate parben ei programme ta channel I a kon din & kon time a hoy..kindly keu janan plz

  • Husin husin 6 months ago

    তোমার রুজি হালাল হলে সব ঠিক আর না হলে দুনিয়ায় সব শেষ….?

  • Maria Ahmed 6 months ago

    sir apnake akta riqoest jara gacher fole formalin dey kingba khotikor hormon use korche gache. taderke niey akta protibedon korun tarajeno organik krishi korar jonno utshaito korun.

  • Maria Ahmed 6 months ago

    sir ami apnar onusthan jokhon ami sixe pori tokhon theke dekhi khub valolage apnar onusthan. amar nijer basar chadeo akta bagan ache. ami soto theke gach khub pochondo kori. soto thekei ami kichuna kichu gach lagatam. gachke monehoy amar bondhu. amar mon kharap thakle ami amar bagane giey gacher sathe somoy katai.

  • kabir907. k9 6 months ago

    Thank you sir i for Kuwait

  • Sylhet Farm House 6 months ago

    খুব সুন্দর বাগান ♥️
    ভিডিও দেখে অনেক ভালো লাগলো স্যার দোয়া করি আরো এগিয়ে যান বাংলার কৃষিকে নিয়ে।

  • Omar AL Faruque 6 months ago

    ছাদকৃষি দেখতে দেখতে বোরিং লাগছে।

  • israt munna 6 months ago

    আমার তেমন জায়গা নেই, এরপরও চেষ্টা করি গাছ লাগাতে, পছন্দ করি প্রকৃতি।

  • Anzuman Nishi 6 months ago

    I like this

  • Nishat world 6 months ago

    good job

  • haidar ali 6 months ago

    Nice from India

  • Mita bari 6 months ago

    From my point, it will bring revolution to our country. In future people start looking and build a tiny or large scale garden in their home. less interest in Indian soap opera, tons of buying shari, or gold,. can you see how beautiful feelings are creating for this garden for people? Its amazing felings!!! spent time find a hobby, gardening, or pets. thanks for this video.

  • Sayem Arman 6 months ago

    tnk sir,,,,

  • Younus Hosen 6 months ago

    আমার একটাই ইচ্ছা এখন প্রবাসে না থেকে দেশে গিয়ে ভালো কিছু করার