Starting a roof with tarpaper felt. This video walks through the very basic steps for installing tarpaper felt. Setting the roll and then nailing off.

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Roofing – Installing Tarpaper Felt – The Basics – Dry in of Mockup

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  • Tony Castillo

    Is there a maximum time frame that felt can be on the roof before shingling? I need to do some deck repair and also remove 3 layers of shingles before winter hits. Will felt make it through a Nebraska winter until spring if nailed down properly? I'm wanting to purchase my shingles after tax season (Feb) then install them like I said in the spring. On a side note, my parents used to shingle in the 70's, many of times I had my pants legs nailed to the roof to keep me from falling off, I was 5 or 6 at time. Ahhh the good old days of no daycare…lol I have shingled a few roofs in my time, although never generally left felt on for a long period of time. (months) Seen many of t-locks installed in the OK panhandle till tornados started ripping them off in one big swoop..

  • knightryderbelow

    How do I install tar paper on a repair where I replaced the wood underneath? I just had to patch 2 x 2 piece of wood and I want to replace the tar paper as well?

  • super mario

    Great info, I'm new to roofing, first time. I have a question, where can I find Washington state code for felt roofing. What is the required code to nail felt on roof top, how many inches apart to nail a roof felt?. Thanks to your input.