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How to install a roofing boot. On a plumbing vent pipe or stack there is usually a roof flashing called a boot or a jack. I have always thought of a boot covering the entire pipe and a jack is a sleeve and flashing. Typically we use lead boots because they last the longest. That is not always the case as I have seen many fail. I have seen some that got chewed by squirrels or rats, and others that just disintegrate. This video may be a little long, but walks through installing the boot from the ground up. Fast forward to the part that you are questioning. Yes we use roofing cement down south here. It is part of our roofing systems and it works. A little overkill never hurt anything. As my boss use to say “Roofing cement is cheap, compared to going back to fix a leak!” SUBSCRIBE TO: Practical Roofing Concepts YouTube Channel Related PostsRoofing – How To Install Exhaust Vent – Stove Dryer Bathroom – Asphalt ShinglesRoofing – How To Install 10 inch Exhaust Vent Asphalt ShinglesRoofing – How to Install Asphalt Shingles – Getting Started WalkthroughHydrokultur Garten mit PVC-Rohr Medien | Hydroponic Gardening with pvc Pipe MediaHow to: Roofing – Capping and Installing Ridge VentHow to Install Standing Seam Metal Roofing – Endwall Flashing

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  • Patrick Smith 4 months ago

    Do lead boot covers work with 10/12 and 12/12 pitch roofs?

  • Very helpful, now I know how it should be done. Thank you.