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Installing asphalt shingles can be aggravating after some work is done and then the rows don’t work out. This video focuses on laying 3-tab shingles on a 6″ stagger. This way they can be racked straight up the roof. This should be done with lines, both vertical and horizontal, so that there is no question as to where the shingle should be put. There is a cut in the shingles from the factory so you can actually do it without lines, but I have seen here they put 2 cuts in the shingles for this purpose. One cut is 6″ and the other is at 5″. The 5″ pattern can also be used, but the keys will only line up every 7th course. Where the 6″ pattern will line up every other course. Some say the 5″ pattern is better because the water gets spread out better when it rains. I think they both have their advantages and it all depends on preference of whosever roof it is. I also think the roofs will last the same amount of time, and that is really the most important part. The installer may also have some say in it too. The shingles will ultimately get installed the same way, just the end look will be a little different. Some of the other videos in the Mockup Series that may be helpful: Roofing – Installing Tarpaper Felt – The Basics – Dry in of Mockup HD Roofing – Dripedge Install Walkthrough Asphalt Shingle Panel Layout Basics – Popping Lines Asphalt Shingle Panel Layout – Vertical Lines for 3-tabs SUBSCRIBE TO: Practical Roofing Concepts YouTube Channel Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRoofing – How To Install 10 inch Exhaust Vent Asphalt ShinglesRoofing – How To Install Exhaust Vent – Stove Dryer Bathroom – […]

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  • shawn kreider 7 months ago

    This helps a lot! Was your knife a hook edge?

  • Billy Brewton 7 months ago

    thank you so much, this series of videos was exactly what i was looking for.

  • Forty86 7 months ago

    It is manufacturers spec to install the dril edge under paper fyi

  • Tim Payne 7 months ago

    This is fantastic to see. Figuring out how to stagger tabs for my FL vacation house. Why did you adjust the pattern at ~19 minutes, and start placing vertically?

  • Eliel Lima 7 months ago

    Thanks you so much!!! for the very informative tutorial !!!!So helpful!!!!!

  • Mike Turner 7 months ago

    Installing shingles per manufacturer's instructions, very nice.

  • Doug Sherman 7 months ago

    Excellent video guys. Even the mundane tasks are helpful for us beginners. Thanks!