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Download for iPhone / iPad: Download for Android: – This is a video preview of a Roofing Calculator app for iPhone and iPad – this one is running on the iPad in iOS development console. Right now at has not been optimized for iPad screen, and it is scaled to the screen size. Yet it still looks very good, and once we optimize it for the iPad screen – this will be your ultimate roof estimating and selling tool! For more info visit If you are an Android user, the app is already available in Android Market for .99, and you can also get a FREE demo version to see exactly how this app works – Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMetal Roofing Calculator – free app for iPhone & Android – (HD)Free Roofing Calculator App for iPhone & Android – (HD)ROOFING CALCULATOR iPhone App – roof estimating software for contractors & salesmenRoofing Calculator App v2.0 – iPhone & AndroidFREE ROOFING CALCULATOR App – CoolFlatRoof.comHow to use ROOFING CALCULATOR – p2

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  • coolflatroof 1 year ago

    No, it's more for shingles / tile / metal shingles

  • Andrew Else 1 year ago

    Is this app able to calculate sheet steel roofing materials? strapping, trims, etc.?

  • trytocleanit 1 year ago

    Where is the slate profile?