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Download for iPhone / iPad: Download for Android: iPhone Roofing Calculator : – final version of iPhone Roofing calculator app, available in Apple App Store. Roofing Calculator App is made for roofing contractors and salesmen to help you quickly estimate any roof, calculator roofing materials prices and provide your customers with nearly instant roof quote. Roof Calculator app will greatly increase the chances of a successful roof sale, because most homeowners want to get a roof quote on the spot, and with this app, you can do just that. Calculate Sloped Roofs, Flat Roofs, and Metal Roofing. You can change multiple roof options for hip and gable roofs, such as waste factor, roof tear of and plywood replacement cost, chimney and skylight flashing prices, etc. Learn more at Related PostsFree Roofing Calculator App for iPhone & Android – (HD)Metal Roofing Calculator – free app for iPhone & Android – (HD)Roofing Calculator iPhone & iPad app Preview – Part 2Roofing Calculator App v2.0 – iPhone & AndroidHow to use ROOFING CALCULATOR – p2How to use ROOFING CALCULATOR – p3

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  • Ryan Shiell 1 year ago

    Dude, this is a great idea!  I'm going to buy this app.

  • thruman angelyna 1 year ago

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  • coolflatroof 1 year ago


    The whole idea is to allow contractors to estimate complicated roofs. Otherwise you can do it in your head – number of squares * cost pe sq. – you won't need this app 🙂

  • coolflatroof 1 year ago


    We updated the app to v2.1 back in July, and it now has multiple roofs, valleys, ridge (was in v1.0), export options, GPS, and many new features.

    We are working on Metric system, but it's more complicated than it may seem, as we have to completely rework the formula, and also take into account the potential customers who need metric sys. In UK /AU / NZ, they don't use ASPHALTS Shingles, and mostly do tile roofs. So metric version has to account for that. It will be available soon!

  • Tuscany Estelle VERSACE 1 year ago

    I like the responses. I shall tookalook at the video later. I 'll get to it, when I get to it, right?

  • coolflatroof 1 year ago

    Bretter – simple one (where you enter # of squares) will break calculations, which are based on length and width. Based on dimensions, you get runs on hips / ridges / eaves and gables and thus all roofing components can be accurately calculated.

    Doing it by square will only give you price per sq. which you can calculate with pen and paper in 10 seconds, and don't need this roofing calculator for it.

  • Brett Rostochil 1 year ago

    You need it to have a simple how many squares s instead of general length and width.! just have it say number of squares tear off. then your product would work better houses are shaped different and this is great if you are measuring a barn but not for a real house that has multiple slopes and pitches.