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Roofing Calculator App for iPhone and Android will help roofers Estimate Any Roof in Less than a Minute, Save Time and Sell More Jobs! Download: For iPhone: For Android: In this video, we show you how to properly setup your Roof Calc app – roof labor costs, roofing material costs, company profile information, and export functions, so that all your calcualtions are fast, andyou won’t need to change anything in your settings, when estimating a roof. Once properly setup, roofing calculator will allow you to produce a detailed estimate for any roof in less than a minute! In the same time you will be able to send your client a professional PDF file containing your company letterhead, and roofing quote! Learn more at Video Rating: / 5 The Software that Calc’s It FOR YOU Before You Cut It! Have you ever struggled with how to build a roof or framing an Octagon? Well not anymore! This software will give you everything you need with with the push of a button. It makes framing house easy! Related PostsROOFING CALCULATOR iPhone App – roof estimating software for contractors & salesmenHow to use ROOFING CALCULATOR – p3Roofing Calculator App v2.0 – iPhone & AndroidRoofing Calculator iPhone & iPad app Preview – Part 2Metal Roofing Calculator – free app for iPhone & Android – (HD)How to use ROOFING CALCULATOR – p2

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  • Patrick Nolan 11 months ago

    Excellent tutorial, I would have liked to see you highlight what you consider to be "all you really need" on the list, Thanks for the video and taking the time to go through it all step by step

  • rdog1121 11 months ago

    DUUUUDE……. PLEASE STOP "CLICKING" your tongue with the top of your mouth or your teeth!!!!!! It is VERY hard to keep listening to your videos while you do that annoying habit. You need to hire a narrator if you can't stop. All I hear and focus on is that noise. I keep finding myself anticipating the next time your going to do it again and again. I would purchase the whole set, but NOT with that issue going on. GOOD LUCK with breaking that habit!!!!!!