Roofer School: How To Lift Roofing Shingles to avoid Lower Back Problem

How To Lift Roofing Shingles Tips for Roofers
Comment Below if yo Experience lower back problems
Hope this video will help someone to lift properly!

How to lift shingles for Roofers to help Lower Back Pain

Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain – Roofers and Contractors

Dmitry and Jeff – owner of CrossFit gym Fierce Play – shows us the best exercises for your lower back pain. Excellent advice and tips for roofers and contractors.

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Roofer School: How To Lift Roofing Shingles to avoid Lower Back Problem

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  • William Niland

    Grab end. Rest it on knee. Then fling it over your shoulder. Easiest way to pick up. If you have back problems. You have no business picking up a bundle of shingles of the ground

  • MrDanthemaniam

    Really good resource you have provided here Dmitri. I just want to add one thing you missed and I even saw your coach make this mistake when he moved the bell and when he side lifted the pack. One of the primary rules of safe lifting is NEVER lift and twist at the same time. To lift the pack sideways, squat and lift straight to the waist, then stand straight and do a quick knee bend dip while using your arms to swing the pack to your shoulder. Always keep your core facing forward when under load. This move is called "Down Un-weighting" and it is used extensively in athletic activities. You do this in two distinct moves, as opposed to one lifting twisting move. The real reason this works is not just the split motions but that by dipping down the load is momentarily unweighted or left hanging in space while you get under it. While it is weightless/falling you rotate it and you body. This way your core is rotated without a big load on it.
    I hope this helps. Maybe you could update your video to add this in. FWIW, OSHA covers this in their safe lifting literature.

  • J Q

    The job isn’t for everyone. Thanks for the lifting techniques. Note that you can’t always lift like that while the shingles are on a pallet and stuck together. There’s not a whole lot of room on the truck to stand over every bundle like that and it’s 104 degrees outside(Texas). I stand at the end of the bundle, engage my core, squat down and row the bundle to me so it’s standing up. Squat again and bend it over my leg to carry and then throw on to the conveyor belt. I love my job.

  • Hunter wolfe

    I used to work at 2 lumber yards, I'm a roofer now. I'd rather move 80 and 100lb bags of cement than bundles of shingles.

  • Rudy Straight

    Or you could stop being a bitch and just lift it. Ain't even that heavy. Fuckin hipsters and their christopher Columbus syndrome

  • J Brannon

    If you want a professional roofer that cares about you and getting the job done right the first time without the need for callbacks, then Simpli Roofing should be the company you call.

  • Fear CreativeYT

    Just started roofing it's my second day I'm having severe lower back pain thank you for this! Definitely gonna change up my strategy.

  • bugletooth

    thank you for this video. Tomorrow I'm going to be starting at a roofing supply company doing mostly rooftop deliveries. I need this job and I know my body is going to have to do a lot of adjusting to some very strenuous work.

  • José valera

    There are several components to relieving sciatica pain quickly. One place I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Fergs pain ease (check it out on google) definately the most useful guide that I've seen. Check out the great information .

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