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Watch our whiteboard video on CentiMark’s single source #roofingwarranty to learn how your company can benefit from having CentiMark handle your commercial roofing needs.

The video talks about Mike, the director of maintenance for a large manufacturing company, and how Mike needed a new roof and awarded the job to a recommended contractor who suggested using a roof system warranted by a major manufacturer. The new roof looked fine to Mike and he had a manufacturers warranty so he approved payment of the invoice. After a few years, the roof began leaking and upon calling the manufacturer, they came out to inspect the roof and determined the warranty was not valid due to contractor workmanship issues. Mike then called his contractor who denied any responsibility citing the manufacturer’s warranty. Poor Mike was stuck in the middle between the contractor and the manufacturer.

With the CentiMark Roof Warranty, all of this can be avoided because we know that workmanship is more important to a good roofing system than the roofing materials themselves. This is why all aspects of your CentiMark roof including both workmanship and materials are backed and warranted by CentiMark! This eliminates any possibility for being stuck in the middle and provides ease of mind knowing you can make one phone call for any service, repair or warranty claim.

Visit the CentiMark website (https://www.centimark.com/roof-systems/roof-warranties) to learn more about our #roofwarranty and customization options where we tailor warranty language to your specific concerns. CentiMark also offers multi-year warranties and warranty extensions so if you need a specialized roofing warranty, just ask us!!

Roof Warranty Video About CentiMark’s Commercial Roofing Warranty

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