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How to calculate Dead load on a Roof truss per panel point with detailed figures.. Follow my Facebook page : Video Rating: / 5 Leveraging the Google Maps API as well as the react-google-maps module, this project can calculate how much it would cost to implement green roofs of varying intensity in a particular area. Users outline the part of the roof they are interested in by dropping markers to create a polygon over the area of roof they are interested in. Markers can be removed individually by right-clicking or as a set by clicking clear. When the user is satisfied with their outline they can press calculate. Calculate will determine the polygon’s surface area and then use it to compute price estimates for extensive, semi-intensive, and intensive green roofs when applicable. —- Fullstack Academy was recently ranked the #1 coding bootcamp in the U.S. Learn more at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsROOF FRAMING CALCULATIONSWind Effects on Green Roof PlantsGreen Roof Wind Test: LiveRoof2.5-acre native living roof part of smart building designWind Loading Example: Calculating Pressure on Roof | Structural Design & LoadingVS2011 – Panel Session “Greenroofs: Wind & Fire” with Kelly Luckett, Mike Ennis & Jim Kirby

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