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A winter garden in bottom watered grow boxes on the roof in Malibu California. Video Rating: 5 / 5 Related PostsPlanting a Vegetable Garden for Winter in Northern CaliforniaBetter Homes and Gardens – Gardening: winter vegetable gardenGraham Ross: Winter Vegetable Garden, Ep 22 (27.06.14)How To Grow Vegetables In Winter With A Preppers Winter Vegetable GardenWinter Tour of My Vegetable Garden, part 3 – Moringa TreeWinter Tour of My Vegetable Garden, part 4 – Malabar Spinach


Green Roofs


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  • baseshot 2 years ago

    AWESOME VIDEO!!!!!!!!! Not only is it very interesting and informative but
    the picture and sound quality are great. What camera did you use?

  • Zavatari 2 years ago

    @MikeTheGardener The roof also keeps out racoons, rabits, snails, coyotes,
    snakes, deer, mountain lions and dogs that want to pee on my veggies.

  • Mike Taylor 2 years ago

    Nice garden area, Baseshot. I’m on the other side of the Santa Monicas from
    you…Love your roof-top! The no-weeds is a big advantage but better is the
    lack of pests! My garden last year failed due to gophers over-running it. I
    think modifying the orchards to open them up to hawks and owls suppressed
    the squirrels and rabbits, but may have helped cut down on the gopher
    snakes, too. I’ll dig up the gardens, lay in wire mesh, put the dirt back
    and grow in a cage to keep the plants from gophers…

  • Zavatari 2 years ago

    @baseshot I used a Panasonic Lumix ZS7.