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Please look at my other videos for the latest model of Rooftop Organics – Organic Garden Modules. This is an old prototype and has quite a few problems associated with it. One of them is hand watering, and different plants have different watering needs. This doesn’t allow that flexibility. Nutrients are chemicals, which are expensive and not necessarily complete. Plus the structure doesn’t last too long. In the long run it is expensive. More info – Email: Ph: +91 94835 01361 Related PostsTerrace Vegetable Garden – Bangalore, IndiaVertical Garden by SayTrees in Bangalore, India.RoofTop Garden, Hyd, India, Sept 24 2013Vertical Garden Ideas Bangalore – A 0$ Vertical Garden with plastic soda bottlesOrganic Edible ‘Beautiful’ Rooftop Garden – Hyderabad, India1 of 9: Intermediate LID Topics: Vegetated Roofs and Rainwater Collection Systems: Module 3.5

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  • VasudhaGreenFarms Manne 1 year ago

    hank you Ajit,

    Shall we come and meet you at Bangalore to Know more. We want to get it done t our Place to avoid Transportation of the Unit.Shall we need to pay any thing for your Know how.

  • vishal balaji 1 year ago

    Nice idea

  • Bhaskar Langalia 1 year ago

    evrything is fine but  u should  demonstrate how is is made ?  sorry .

  • Arijit Mitra 1 year ago

    AaaKkk vegetables are not expensive. Land is! Especially in the cities.
    Our standard concrete terraces are not designed for farming. Doing things wrong can end up in leakage and seepage. Too much load will cause cracks.. the final product you see in our website has evolved over numerous prototypes to make them last 30 – 40 years, safe for terraces, watered only once a month, come with come with canopies that support shade nets or uv protective or polyhouse covers, that also support climbers. These canopies can withstand heavy winds and rigors of changing weather. Plus delivery all over India. Also life time consultancy over phone/email. Not to mention over Rs 3700 which goes straight to the govt. in the form of taxes.
    Our customers find these absolute value for money. 

  • Yash Sultania 1 year ago

    Hai Iam yash like your idea I also want to try can you help me. Have you plant tree only cocopeat ? What about when you water it ? Do you water it daily and if it is extra watering wil it drain automatically ? I am a house wife and very much interested in gardening so I want some suggestion from you . Waiting for your reply thanks.

  • Godwin Prabhakar 1 year ago

    As you said in video I didn't find your mail ID. If you don't mind I would like to know more to find out all the materials etc to make one roof top garden like this.

  • Prashanth N S 1 year ago

    Superb! I have been producing a lot of compost from food waste using the Daily Dump pots. I am seriously considering getting a vegetable garden on my terrace now. Thanks for hte video!

  • Chandrasekhar Reddy 1 year ago

    Really excellent

  • acerb45666555 1 year ago

    Why arent the state governors encouraging this (Urban Agriculture) so the masses can be fed easier? Whole towns can become gardens of eden!

  • Pratik Jain 1 year ago

    Awesome !!

  • Arijit Mitra 1 year ago

    Hi Rajeev, it is in the description.

  • Rajeev Kataru 1 year ago

    Hi Arijit i am intrested in setting up one these need more details could you please share your e-mail , my e-mail id is

  • Arijit Mitra 1 year ago

    Coco peat is the dust you find among the fibres in a coco nut shell. Chemical Nutrients were mixed with water and added. Read the description of the video.

  • Arijit Mitra 1 year ago

    They are hydroponic nutrients I had purchased from institute of simplified hydroponics, in Bangalore. I don't think they operate any more. I have stopped using chemicals a long time back as mentioned in the description.

  • Anupama Gupta 1 year ago

    i want to know what material you use for grow the vegetables. what is coco peat and what other things are, kindly reply me

  • factorydisplay KamalCo 1 year ago

    Thanks Arijit. You have given so much detail in this simple video. What kind of mineral nutrient solution do you use for such a module ?

  • Arijit Mitra 1 year ago

    Read the description Ashish…

  • Ashish Gulati 1 year ago

    amazing! are you still doing it? scaling up?

  • dxdigitals 1 year ago

    Arijit, Really a new idea to me, thanks for your effort.. thanks for your love for nature, i will contact you thru email to set-up similar one for our family, regards. dixon (seb s)

  • Venkata Rao 1 year ago

    @arijitmumbai Hi, what is your email id?