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The Roof Savings Calculator allows you to quickly determine how much energy (and money!) you could save in a residential or commercial building. It uses peer-reviewed, industry standards to serve as an industry-consensus savings calculator for roof and attic technologies. It also includes a web service API for easy integration with a business’ quotation system in order to help companies upsell their clients, customers to get a better product, and DOE to get energy-saving technologies into the marketplace. The link to the Roof Savings Calculator is provided here: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGreen Energy : Energy Savings in Green RoofsTesla Solar Roof Calculator Goes Roof CalculatorROOF RAFTER CALCULATOR – Estimate Rafter Length, Cost and QuantityFREE Roof Area & Solar Income CalculatorIrregular/Bastard Hip Roof Rafter Construction Calculator


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