Joanna visits with Morgan Hayes, Extension Specialist in Biosystems & Ag Engineering to talk about roof rainfall calculator.
We seem to have had quite a few heavy rainfall events in the last couple years. When hard rains occur, many folks have gutters that overflow or downspouts that can’t handle the water moving off of a roof. It’s important to remember with larger size buildings to appropriately size gutters and downspouts. We have developed a roof rainfall calculator that directs anyone to anticipated precipitation events. Using those predicted rainfall totals someone can determine if a typical residential (5-inch) gutter is adequate or someone needs to size up to a more commercial gutter system. The calculator also determines capacity for downspouts and one could work with the size of the downspout and the number of downspouts to adequately handle the rainfall from the roof.
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Warren County Cooperative Extension Service
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Roof Rainfall Calculator

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