Calculate Roof Rafters – cost, length and quantity.

Excellent tool for builders / framers / roofers to calculate roof rafter length, cost and number of rafters needed for the job. Estimates cost of pine board and LVL boards (for rafters longer than 20 feet)
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Hip + Gable Roof Framing Calculator Free online – – Hips, Ridge, Common Rafters, Jacks – Full Roof Framing Plans online

ROOF RAFTER CALCULATOR – Estimate Rafter Length, Cost and Quantity

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  • Glyn Bryant

    Unbelievable, free on-line calculator that sets out an entire roof in seconds. Gives you all the lengths, angles & cutting list, besides telling you exactly how much timber to buy. Can't believe how much time & money this will save. God bless Gregg Tarrant &

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